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Vegetarians Have a New Address – the Best Veg Restaurants in Kolkata

If you assumed that the City of Joy was just for the non-vegetarians, you could not be any more wrong! This city shall never disappoint you, if you are a pure vegetarian and looking for flinger-licking veg dishes near you. Don't trust us? You must head out to the best veg restaurants in Kolkata to rejiggle your perception about Bengal's dalliance with pure vegetarian meals!  Needless to say that the Anglicized culture still rules Kolkata, and equally impacts the food habits. The culinary culture of the city predominantly weighs on the non-veg items, but it’s not at all disappointing as it’s made for the vegetarians.

Concerned over a stipulated budget? There are many pure veg restaurant in New Town, Park Street, and several other places of Kolkata, where you can savor finger-licking dishes without exceeding your budget. However, famous for their indigenous food preparations and versatile menus, the best Kolkata-based pure veg restaurants churn out and serve an assortment of veg-meals including, sabzi, daal, palak paneer, pickles, and the likes.

Enjoy Vegetarian Meals sans Any Frill  

The best pure vegetarian restaurants in Kolkata have made it a point to get their meals cooked under the supervision of well-trained and highly-experienced chefs. Besides taste, the quality of food matter the most to them as it tops every customer’s priority list. Only the premium spices and fresh vegetables are used for preparing food as the top vegetarian eateries look for securing a special place at the customers’ hearts. As mentioned earlier, there are all kinds of pure veg eateries in the city for each and every budget holder. From affordable veg restaurants with nominal establishments to the fine-dining eateries flaunting posh ambience and décor – you can satisfy your craving at any budget in this city.

Pick the Best Veg Restaurant in Kolkata  

The costs of restaurants would vary depending on many a factors – food quality, environ, infrastructure, amenities, hospitality, location, etc. To find the best eatery as per your budget, you should rely on Haarway, one of the leading business listing service providers in Kolkata. To make a more informed decision, you can check out the ratings and reviews provided by the previous customers of Haarway.

So, the next time when you find yourself in Kolkata, consider falling in love with its PURE VEGETARIAN FOOD!

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