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Get Rid of a Chronic Rheumatic Disease with the Reputed Rheumatologists in Kolkata

Are you suffering from stiffness in the joints? Is it getting difficult to flex your joints due to an excruciating pain? Is an acute back-pain causing you sleepless nights? Consider consulting the reputed and renowned rheumatologists in Kolkata before it gets any worse! An experienced rheumatologist doctor can diagnose and treat different musculoskeletal ailments and systematic autoimmune conditions, which are medically termed as rheumatic ailments. Someone, who is coping with any rheumatic condition, may suffer from excruciating pain in his/her knee muscles, joints and bones. In some cases, such conditions may trigger stiffness, deformity, swelling, etc. in the tissues.

Keep Joint Stiffness and Back Pain at Bay

For those, who have zero knowledge in autoimmune conditions, it’s essential to know that such conditions take place when the immune system in a human body triggers unnatural inflammation to certain body parts. If not treated on time, such inflammations could cause acute pain and discomfort, too. Osteoarthritis, chronic back-pain, lupus, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, myositis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, vasculitis, etc. are some common ailments caused by the autoimmune conditions. But, the good news is that, all such issues could be diagnosed and treated by the best rheumatologist doctor in Kolkata. 

Find Kolkata’s Top Rheumatologist Near You

Just like an orthopedic surgeon, a well-experienced rheumatologist can treat any such medical condition by recommending apt treatment, exercise and medications to the patients. However, in case you need to opt for a surgery for your joint or bone, you would have to consult an orthopedic surgeon only. The top-rated rheumatologists in Kolkata usually work along with orthopedic surgeons or physicians to treat their patients. As most of the rheumatic diseases are painful in nature, the teamwork of a cluster of doctors is required to make a proper diagnosis and treatment. To find the top rheumatologists in the city, make sure to skim around Haarway’s website and find an exhaustive list of renowned doctors near you. Based on your requisites, budget choices, location preferences, etc., you can find an all-inclusive list of top 10 rheumatologists in Kolkata.