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Ranisati Seba Centre
  • Time 24 Hrs
  • Open Now
0 reviews
Glance Facility Management Services P LTD
  • Time 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Closed
  • 07XXXXXX85
  • Nabapally Circular Road, Laxmi Narayan Colony, Chkravartipara, Nabapally, Kolkata, West Bengal 700126, India
  • Contact
0 reviews
  • Time 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  • Closed
  • 07XXXXXX03
  • Adarshapally Road, Shimultala, Ashwini Nagar, Kestopur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700159, India
  • Contact
0 reviews
Rajdeep Security Service
  • Time 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Closed
0 reviews
Black CAT Security Service
  • Time 24 Hrs
  • Open Now
0 reviews
Group Security Service
  • Time 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Closed

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Security Company in Kolkata

Are you really living peacefully at your home, or is your office secured in your absence? Frauds and thefts can occur anytime, especially when you are away from the place. It’s high time that you consider relying on security guard companies in Kolkata to secure your living space or workspace.

Whether it is an embellishment, shop, industry, or society, these companies are ready to provide them with all kinds of security services. We all have seen celebrities, business tycoons, and famous personalities moving around with their bodyguards. So, why should you hold back when it comes to securing your family and loved ones?

However, you must only rely on trusted and verified security companies. At Haarway, one of India’s top-notch service listing directories, you can find authentic security guard agencies in Kolkata under one roof!

Without a doubt, you can trust this listing platform and let their providers get in touch with you with their price quotations, understanding your budget, requisites, needs, etc.

Why Haarway Will Not Break Your Trust?

Haarway is known as one of India’s top business and service listing portals that aims to eliminate the gap between service experts and potential buyers. Here, you will find only verified and credible security guard agencies available near you.

The guards are well-trained and are ready to provide 24*7 security. They are available anytime at any location to provide exceptional security services. So, if you are thinking of hiring them, why not pin your faith on Haarway?

Grab the Best Deals on Security Guard Companies in Kolkata

Why are you holding yourself when you can just search for security services near you by mentioning your budget, requisites, etc, on Haarway? For your satisfaction, you can go through the reviews and ratings of the security agencies and choose accordingly.

If your budget isn’t too high, then you can always negotiate with the service expert and avail different quotes via Haarway. It won’t cost you a single fee to conduct a search on this platform. So, why to wait when you are just a search away from grabbing the best deals through Haarway?

Some of the Responsibilities of Security Guards are:

  • Security guards are responsible for checking the IDs of the visitors who are entering the building. If the person enters the campus without an ID, the guards have to crosscheck it and ask the purpose for visiting.
  • The security guards monitor the CCTV system of the entire complex. Check for the occurrence of any suspicious activity. Having a watchman is enough to stop any theft from happening.
  • Well-trained security guards can stop any suspicious activity from occurring. They can respond quickly to situations. These guards are also responsible for informing about the theft to the concerned person.
  • They will patrol the premises during the entire night and help you have a sound sleep.
  • In case of any fire breakout, they immediately respond to fire alarms and notify the entire building about the same.
  • They help in managing the parking space and safeguard the place against any type of vehicle theft.

How to Hire a Reliable Security Guard?

Here are a few points you should keep in mind when searching for a reliable security guard,  

  • You must check whether the guards have a valid state license for a security job or not.
  • Check if the guard has a character certificate under a reputed organization.
  • Check if the guard has a valid certification in first aid services.
  • You must observe whether the guard is an expert in reacting quickly to emergency situations.
  • You should check whether the guard is physically fit or not. He must be able to do heavy tasks.
  • Check if he is an expert in using security equipment.
  • Check whether the person is well-trained in observing the surroundings properly.
  • Check if the person is able to work under pressure or not.

Different Types of Security Guards and Their Services

  1. Domestic Security Guards

These types of security guards are trained to guard the households. A customer can choose a full-time or a part-time security guard. Based on the building size and other preferences, customers can select from a variety of options like:

  • Apartment supervisor
  • Watchman
  • Armed guard
  • Ex-servicemen
  • Surveillance guard
  • Patrolling guard
  • Guard dog

       2. Security Guards for Commercial Buildings

Such security guards are available for clients seeking top-grade protection. They are highly trained in their respective profession. The list of options are:

  • Custom security officer
  • Manned security guards
  • Cash transportation guard
  • Bomb detection guard

      3. Security Guards for Personal Service

Personal security guards are usually hired by celebrities, high-profile businessmen, and people who require protection on the go. These security guards are authorized to handle firearms and are well-trained for their job.

  • Personal bodyguard
  • Bouncer
  • Celebrity protection guard
  • Executive protection guard

       4.Security Guards for Events

Event security guards are hired to secure various types of events for a specific duration. Here is the list of event protection services,

  • Public event
  • Family event
  • Party
  • Festival
  • Special occasion
  • Religious event

Reasons to Rely on Security Guard Companies in Kolkata

Proper security is important for all. It is not only about securing the people in the building but also their goods and items. These security guards make sure that the premises are well-protected and managed. With them patrolling around your premises during the night, you can easily have a sound sleep. There are many other reasons for why you must avail security services, some of them are:

  • Provide security 24*7 and safeguard the premises against malicious situations.
  • Maintains the records of people who are entering and exiting the premises at which hour.
  • Offers complete safety throughout the entire day.
  • Monitoring and managing the campus and the CCTV.
  • Manages crowd during emergencies such as any natural calamity.

Approximate Charges for Hiring Security Services

Service Approximate Charges
Basic Security Approx Rs 5,000 or more
Personal Security About Rs 10,000 or more
Bouncers Starting from Rs 3,500
Escort Guards About Rs 15,000 or more
Dog squad guard Approx Rs 20,000 or more
Armed Security Approx Rs 20,000 or more

Some of the Most Commonly Asked Questions

  • Can You Hire Armed Security Experts Through Security Guard Companies in Kolkata?

Based on your need, you can choose to hire armed or unarmed security guards. For further details, you can connect with the service provider near you.

  • Can You Hire Security Guards for One Time Service?

Most security guard companies in Kolkata provide one-time service for one full-day function or event.

  • Is it Possible to Hire Only One Security Guard?

Yes, you can choose to hire only one or a group of security guards through the security agencies in Kolkata.

  • Do the Security Guards Accept Long-Term Contracts?

Yes, the security guards accept long-term contracts. You must inquire about this before hiring them. Also, make sure to go through the terms and conditions thoroughly.

  • Do the Security Guards Wear Their Uniform?

All the security guards hired through security agencies in Kolkata will be wearing their uniforms during their working hours.