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Try South Indian Fare at the Best South Indian Restaurants in Kolkata 

The South Indian dishes are all about flavours! The healthy spices, coconut oil, and colours – all are present to give these dishes a luring look and making them equally tasteful. If you are craving some authentic South Indian meals in the City of Joy, then you should immediately tuck into a well-reputed South-Indian restaurants in Kolkata. The best parts about South Indian dishes are that most of these are flavourful yet devoid of excess oil or spices. Almost all the meals churned out and served at the popular South Indian thali restaurants are extremely pocket-friendly, too. This means that no matter whether your budget is on the higher side or the lower end, you can easily afford South Indian dishes in the city.  

Satiate Your Tastebud with South Indian Meals

The culinary terrain of Kolkata is versatile, and it brings outs a large variety of delectable cuisines from all parts of the globe. Even amid such vast variety, the South Indian platters have carved a niche for themselves owing to their heart-warming aromas, delicious tastes, and the abundance of spices, pure coconut oil, mustard, fresh curry leaves, tamarind, etc. To keep the authentic taste and aroma of their meals intact, the best South Indian restaurants and cafes in Kolkata have hired well-trained and efficient chefs, who can win the customers’ hearts through their tastebuds.

Get Choices Galore at Kolkata’s Top South Indian Eateries

South Indian dishes like Dosa, Idli, Vada, Uttapam, etc. are ideal to have in the morning. In fact, there are many Calcuttans who are used to biting into some of these edibles to kick-start their mornings with. Keeping this in mind, most of the South Indian restaurants in Park Street, Salt Lake and several other places of Kolkata open their doors quite early in the morning, along with a huge variety of meals. Just like the fillers, the South Indian cuisines are incredibly diverse, too. Whether it’s Chettinad Chicken, Hyderabadi Marag, Pandi Curry or Chicken Salna – the city’s top South Indian restaurants shall leave you absolutely spoilt for choices!

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