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Let Haarway Help You Visit the Best Tandoori Restaurants in Kolkata

For all of the Calcuttans or visitors to the city craving for yummy Tandoori dishes, the top-rated Tandoori restaurants in Kolkata have brought a variety of delectable fixes. The reputed and renowned Tandoor hut and Tandoori chicken restaurants in the city have taken a fusion approach to their menus, offering a medley of various Tandoori fares.  There is really nothing like the spicy taste and aroma of Tandoori dishes. Food-joints serving authentic Tandoori platters provide a large array of delicacies from different parts of Asia. While most of the Tandoori restaurants dish out meat-based meals, there are a number of restaurants in the city that serve sumptuous veg-Tandoori items, too. In case, you are reluctant to tuck into a brick-and-mortar eatery in the city, then make sure to order online from Tandoori restaurants in Kolkata. 

Take the Pleasure of Super-Delicious Tandoori Platters

In the City of Joy, the authentic Tandoori dishes have gone through a bit of transformation to suit the preferences and palates of Calcuttans. There are some independent eateries that only serve Tandoori meals. While, on the other hand, the city, too, has some restaurants that offer Tandoori fare along with several other cuisines. In the city, you can find Tandoori eateries of different sorts – from food-joints catering to affordability to top-tier buffet restaurants in posh establishments. Considering the fact that most of the foodies now prefer ordering food online, a huge chunk of Tandoori restaurants in Kolkata also provide door-step food delivery services.

Bowl Over the Finest Restaurant Services in Kolkata

The cityscape is brimming with a number of Tandoori restaurants. Stroll along the lanes of Kolkata, and you will stumble upon at least one Tandoori eatery! But, how will you pick the best food-joint? Count on the listing parameters of Haarway to pick a good Tandoori restaurant based on location, pricing, menu, ratings, and reviews. Based on your requisites, budget choices and location preferences, you can find an all-inclusive list of top-10 Tandoori restaurants in Kolkata.