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VB Script Online Training Course For Professional Developers

Do you want to be an expert VB programmer? The VB Script Online Training Programs at Haarway contain detailed course structures that will teach you about both server-side and client-side development with VB Script. These courses allow you to work on web-based automation projects to get hands-on experience.

Why To Learn VB Script?

VBScript or Visual Basic Scripting is a powerful and useful programming language that is loaded with features that allow it to runs in different environments. This lightweight scripting language has a faster interpreter to enable developers to create dynamic web pages. As VBScript is a primary scripting language, it is popularly used for automation testing and web-page creation programming. So, learning VBScript and getting a VB Script online certification at Kolkata will add additional skill-set in your CV!

Why Choose Haarway?

Haarway’s unique VB Script training program listing brings you the most affordable and top-rated courses to enrol online. Plus, Haarway filters out the options according to your unique needs and your current location. Also, the listed courses at Haarway offer you better career opportunities with a great salary!

What Will You Learn?

  • VBScript syntax and its basic functionalities
  • Basics to advanced level knowledge for Windows Automation
  • Variable declaration, operators, conditional statements, functions, procedures, and loops
  • Application deployment and packaging
  • Using Dialog Boxes, COM, and WMI
  • Handling different types of errors

If you have basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML, you can learn VBScript quickly. Check out the VB Script online courses listed at Haarway to enrol today!