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Hari Om Travels
  • Time 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Open Now
  • 33XXXXXX53
  • 50/1, Surendra Nath Banerjee Road, Esplanade, Janbazar, Entally, Kolkata, West Bengal 700014, India
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0 reviews
Balbinder Singh Cool Cab
  • Time 24 Hrs
  • Open Now
0 reviews
Chahal Travels
  • Time 24 Hrs
  • Open Now
0 reviews
Mashiva Tours Travels
  • Time 24 Hrs
  • Open Now
  • 79XXXXXX88
  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport (CCU), Jessore Road, Dum Dum, Calcutta, West Bengal 700052, India
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0 reviews
Car Rental Station
  • Time 24 Hrs
  • Open Now
  • 91XXXXXX35
  • Nagendra Nath Road, Ward no 23, Notun Pally, Satgachi, Dum Dum, Kolkata, West Bengal 700028, India
  • Contact
0 reviews
Dhaliwal Enterprise
  • Time 24 Hrs
  • Open Now

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Your Most Trusted Guide on Car on Rent in Kolkata

A vehicle is no longer a luxury, rather it has become a basic necessity. But, buying a car is not everyone’s cup-of-tea, thanks to the jaw-droppingly expensive price tags that most of the vehicles come along with! Tapping into this reality, a large throng of empowered and independent millennials are taking on the four-wheels, and renting out their favourite vehicles from top-rated car rental services in Kolkata, and other metropolitan cities of India.

However, you might rejoice the concept of car on rent in Kolkata, especially if you are on a stringent budget, but without planning out every step meticulously, you won’t be able to reap its ultimate dividends. Hence, we would highly recommend you to dig into the following write-up to understand every crucial detail pertaining to it –core benefits, types of vehicles available to hire, approximate rental costs, and the likes.

Keep reading for more clarity –

Reasons Why You Should Turn to Car Rental in Kolkata

Before you make any decision, make sure to understand some of the core benefits of renting a vehicle in the first place.

  • From almost all the companies offering best self-drive car rental in Kolkata, you can hire self-driven vehicles spending just a few bucks. Cars of this sort should top your priority if you are confident about your driving skills! As per your commute needs, you can pick a vehicle of your choice on a regular, weekly, monthly or even hourly basis.
  • Not comfortable sitting at the driver’s seat? Fret not! There are a number of cheap weekly car rental companies in the city, that provide vehicles with trained and experienced drivers. With the chauffer driven cars, there’s no worry of commuting long distances, parking facilities, etc.
  • For those, planning to embark on an adventure-packed, adrenaline-pumping road trip, the car rental in Kolkata for outstation is nothing short of a saviour! No matter how many friends or family members you are planning to keep in tow, the city’s top dealers will provide suitable vehicles at affordable rental charge.
  • The big-fat marriages in India have a thing in common – the head-turning entry of the grooms, hopping in a luxe-swanky four-wheeler! Chuck buying, you can always rent a posh vehicle from companies offering luxury car hire in Kolkata. Save your pocket, save your image to your family-in-law – all by renting!

Some Other Perks of Car Rental Services in Kolkata

You would be delighted to know that most of the companies offering best car rental service in Kolkata accept online booking facilities. You can easily check out the tariff or date availability of the vehicles of choice. Once the shortlisting is done on your ends, you can proceed with reservation.

Your Safety Demands at Their Commands

For the past few years now, sanitization has become the biggest buzz-word worldwide, thanks to the exponential outbreak of deadly Corona Virus! An unseen monster (read Covid-19) that spreads at lightning speed needs to be tamed and conquered only with the right safety, hygiene and sanitization protocols.

Taking all this into a serious consideration, all the reputed car rental services in Kolkata are making sure that their agents are strictly following the sanitization protocols and guidelines to keep their vehicles safe, germ-free, and 100% hygienic. When it comes to chauffeur-driven vehicles, the driver, as well as, the travellers have to go through temperature checking and swab testing (if only need be!) to ensure that the trip does not end up going awry with Covid-19 getting its claw in it!

Different Types of Vehicles Available on Hire

When hiring from the eminent dealers offering Car on Rent in Kolkata, you can rent out from the following options –

  • Economy/local vehicles (Sedans, Amaze, Etios, Dzire, Ritz, Indica, etc.) – The priority-toppers for those with budget constraint and a plan of commuting in smaller groups
  • Hybrid cars – Suitable for those who are always travelling and intended to cut down at their fuel expenses
  • Convertible cars – Most suitable for small trips, sightseeing, etc.
  • Corporate vehicles (Pool cabs, mini vans, tempo travellers, etc.) –These are perfect for the daily office commuters
  • Luxury cars (BMW, Corolla, Camry, etc.) – Perfect for big-fat events like wedding, etc.

Approximate Charges of Chauffeur-Driven Or Self-Drive Car Rental in Kolkata

Before you go ahead to avail car on rent in Kolkata, squeeze out some time to get an understanding of how much you need to spend for renting.

Have a look –

Local Cars/ Economic Cars Rs. 1500-1600 Onwards For 7-8 hours, 80 – 90 kms
Corporate Cars Rs. 1800- 2000 Onwards For 7-8 hours, 80-90 kms
Outstation Travel Cars Rs. 2200- 2500 Onwards For 7-8 hours, 80-90 kms
Luxury Cars Rs. 9000 – 10, 000 Onwards For 7-8 hours, 80-90 kms

Now, as you are all set to vouch for car rental in Kolkata, it’s high time that you educated yourself on some do’s to ensure that you get the best bang for your bucks. Have a look –

Things to Keep in Mind When Renting A Vehicle

  • Understand your needs

Ask yourself this question – “why do I need to hire a car?” Chalk out your requisites and purposes (travel, daily commute, commercial needs, etc.). A clear understanding will help you rent out the right car.

  • Fix your budget

Yes, it goes without saying that renting is a lot more cost-effective than buying, but still, you need to pay a certain amount to avail the service. Hence, it’s important to fix your budget beforehand. Compare the charges of different packages before making the final choice.

  • Rent at amazing offers

The city’s top rental companies provide lucrative offers and exclusive discounts during the festive occasions. To avail such amazing offers, make sure to rent a vehicle during any such time.

  • Glance through terms & conditions

Go through the terms and conditions of a rental company before renting out a car from it. Check whether its refund policies are transparent and attainable. Learn more about cancellation policies and charges. Upon completion of this homework, go ahead and hire a car.

  • Get to know the return policy ‘

Dig deeper into the insurance details of a company before renting out a vehicle. Check the approximate charges applicable as or when any damage takes place.

  • Are the safety protocols in place?

Ask this question to the dealer to get to know more about how the car of your choice has been maintained. After all, a safe driving is only possible with a car with zero faults and glitches!

Why Is Haarway Worth Your Time and Trust?

For the best recommendations for services pertaining to car rental in Kolkata, always turn to the online search directory of Haarway. As India’s number-one service and business listing portals, Haarway boasts of an extensive network of reliable, verified, and reputed dealers, from whom, you can rent out different cars, without burning a hole in your pocket! Before vouching for any dealer, make sure to go through their customer reviews, ratings, company details, etc. With all such nitty-gritty details in hand, you can always make the right decision.

Some of the Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below are mentioned some of the most common and frequently asked questions about those, looking to avail Car on Rent in Kolkata.

Run a glance –

1. When should someone rent a car?

Ans:- Book a car at least 2 weeks prior to your actual requirement. With ample time in hand, you can select the right vehicles, and keep the risks of last-minute hazards at bay.

2. What are the documents that you need to submit?

Ans:- Some of the documents that you may need to submit include your pan card, Aadhar card, passport, voter ID, driving licence (if you want a self-driving car), and the likes.

3. How to calculate vehicle rental charges?

Ans:- The per-day basis vehicle rental charges depend on a few factors i.e. car model, time duration, purpose. number of kms driven, driver services, etc.

4. Is there any age limit for renting?

Ans:- You should be above 18, and most preferably between 20-60 years of age to avail car rental.

5. Is online payment accepted?

Ans:- The city’s top four-wheeler and other vehicle rental companies accept credit or debit cards. However, cash, gift cards, prepaid card, etc. are not accepted to reserve a vehicle.

6. Is it important to drop a vehicle from where you had picked it out?

Ans:- Almost every vehicle rental company has different offices and locations. Even if you pick out a vehicle from any nearby location, there is always a possibility to drop the automobile at a specific location in your proximity.