A Quick and Simple Tour Guide to Digha

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Do you fancy a relaxing itinerary escape somewhere not so far away, but certainly away from all the hustles and bustles? Your goal is to refresh your mind, soul and spirit, but that too, without burning a hole in your pocket? If you nod yes, and if you happen to stay anywhere in West Bengal, you should plan a trip to Digha.

Considered as one of the most popular tourist destinations of Bengal, Digha’s main attractions are its dazzling beaches and some azure seas. Digha’s shallow waters make it a paradise for swimming. The breath-taking coasts of Digha and beautiful views will make it an attractive place for exploring and traveling.

During the dusks or just before the sundown, the sea coast looksits beautiful best! Keep in mind, in the monsoon the sea and waves become notoriously monstrous. Hence, it’s advisable that you should head to Digha except the rainy season.

As mentioned earlier, Digha is considered as one of the most affordable travel destinations of Bengal. Most of the hotels, resorts, or guest houses in and around Digha charge affordable rates. Since Digha is a close to almost every town or city of West Bengal, you can even take a bike on rent in Kolkata to explore the nooks and corners of this travel destination.

If you have not been to Digha, you must be wondering how to reach the place, what must be its best travel hotspots, what to eat, and stuff like that! To quell your queries and inquisitions, we have come up with this following details. Continue reading to explore more about Digha –

Beaches to Pay a Visit to While in Digha

There is no dearth of beaches in Digha. If you are planning to stay for a couple of days, make sure that you visit the following coasts –

Digha Beach

This beach is indeed the most popular and famous beach of the Bay of Bengal. Waters start around a kilometre from the onset of the coast, making it a slice of paradise for beach lovers. There are numerous plants along the beach, which makes this place even more beautiful.

Shankarpur Beach

The quiet and quaint beach of Shankarpur is perfect for those, who are averse to crowded places. Sit down on the seashore, plug in your ear phone, and enjoy the stunning azure sae. It will refresh your mind.

Junput Beach

This unexploited is filled with Fir tree plantations, which turns this place into a beautiful

picnic spot. Ensure that you visit the place during tides. Otherwise you might not find adequate waters to view.

Mandarmani Beach

Another attraction of Digha has to be the mesmerizing Mandarmani beach! Just about 30 km away from Digha, this pristine beach could be enjoyed and explored all through the year. Besides exploring the breath-taking beauty of the sea, you can also indulge in some adventure-packed activities.

Science Centre

Science Centre is one of the latest attractions of Digha. The Planetarium looks like Jurassic Park, Igloo, Skeleton company all through a bicycle ride, which is a fun glass to measure the plunging height are the prime attractions of the place.

Chandeshwar Temple

This temple is located about 6 km apart from Digha. This place is highly popular for Shiva Temple. An annual fair is usually organized and celebrated at this beautiful Temple every year.

Lankeshwari Temple

Another temple, which is deemed as a popular tourist attraction in Digha is Lankeshwari Temple. Just about 3 Km away from the famous science centre and around 1.5 km away from the beach of Digha, this place is near to Digha Railway Station. While in Digha, make sure that you take some time out to pay this temple a visit.

How Can You Reach Digha?

Digha lies about 185 km apart from Kolkata. NH 41 draws a connection between Kolkata and Digha. If you want to go to Digha by train, you will get plenty of options available. Buses are also available to reach Digha. If you are an adventure-junkie, then rent a bike in Kolkata and ride to Digha by road. You can also rent four-wheeler to reachy our destination.

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