Car Rental Tips for the Best Travel Experience in Summer

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It is that time of the year again when you hark upon the whispers of vacation period coming your way. To feel the light, to smell the air, to gaze outside the car's window, and to feel the summer vibes. After spending days toiling around with work, deadlines, and meetings, don't you think that you deserve a break? A moment of respite wherein you can introspect on your actions, a moment to rejuvenate your soul, a moment to clasp onto your whimsical desires to feel alive again. Unfortunately, the ongoing global pandemic has curbed your traveling experience, but there is still hope. You can avail of the car rental service in Kolkata to enjoy a convenient yet mesmerizing journey to some nearby holiday spots.

We have compiled a list of car rental tips to help you explore various destinations on your long drive without any troubles. Let's dive straight into it!

Go Through Your Options

This goes without saying that you would hop online to search for "car rental near me." You will witness copious alternatives available for your trip, but your job is to select the best one within your price range. Compare the rental prices from different websites to grab onto the premier deal. While selecting the vehicle's brand, estimate how many people would join for the short trip. Based on which you will either opt to go by 4-seaters or 8-seaters. Many a time, people overlook the importance of analyzing the weather during the rental period. And ends up suffering in scorching, humid conditions without an A/C car.

Read Reviews Online

This summer, we hope you only face a dilemma when it comes to deciding between ice cream flavors, Mississippi mud pie, or Belgium Dark chocolate? Because when it comes to chalking out the top-notch car rental service, you can always count on faithful online reviews. Take into consideration the mentions of cleanliness, excellent customer service, and the car's quality. During the surge of Coronavirus, it's also crucial to note down the company's efforts in promoting a healthy and safe zone. There is a reason why a specific company has been awarded 4+ stars and the others with terrible ratings, choose the best!

Use Your Credit Card

For car rental service in Kolkata, the primary reason we are urging you to hire a car rental using your credit card is that you are viable for primary rental insurance. While at the same time, you will be offered a wide range of consumer protection options, for example, fraud liability. Nevertheless, the rental companies generally won't accept debit cards since they might need to charge you with additional expenses. For instance, the amount to be paid for parking tickets, toll fees, and the damages done to the vehicle is not covered in the insurance. Plus, with a credit card, you won't have to lose access to your daily funds, as in the case of debit cards, which are directly linked with your bank account.

Book Before 24 Hours 

There are better prospects of grabbing a significant rental rate when you book in advance. If you were to place the request on short notice, chances are that you will have to face higher costs and charges. However, if you somehow require a vehicle within 24 hours, negotiate prices with small independent dealers. Also, it would be a prudent decision to not rent cars from the airport terminal. Most passengers would form a queue to lease cars from the airport, making you wait longer. Surprisingly, the rates skyrocket due to the added fee and facility charges. Being smart would save you bucks in the long run.

Avoid the "Young Driver" Fee

With every good opportunity comes certain limitations. In the case of rental cars, the minimum age requirement is 25. You might have to face extra fees, also known as, young driver fee if you are less than 25 years old. This is your chance of embracing the mid-twenties life with fun and frivolous activities. Grab this scope of creating memories that will be etched in your hearts for years to come.

Bring Your Own GPS

Companies are out there to make a profit, so they would love to earn extra money by allowing you to purchase GPS along with car rental. But we are here to give you free advice on how you can avoid this without hurting your pocket. You have the scope of downloading the entire map of the country. This way, even if you are traversing in the most remote regions, you could still be guided in the right direction with the offline mode. While driving, you definitely don't want to get distracted by the presence of your smartphone, even if it's for seeking directions. In such a scenario, make sure to pack a phone cradle to place the device. No matter what, safety must be your priority under all circumstances.

All in All

The car rental in Kolkata caters to serve individuals with adventurous souls, just like you. Being cost-effective and economical, such services would solely bring immense pleasure. If you are unsure which company would fulfill your requirements, you can take help from the local service and business listing sites like Haarway.

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