Celebrate the Upcoming New Year Even at the Best Bar Near You

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As there is no lack of bars and clubs in Kolkata, most of the millennials are opting to bar-hopping to soak in this festive season. If you are looking to make this festive month a memorable time of your life, heading out to a reputed bar near you could be a brilliant idea. With a wee bit of boozing and a lot of dancing, you will surely live up the New Year’s Eve like never before. However, no matter how crowded a bar is, you cannot raise a toast with the utmost fun and frolic without carrying your friends in tow.

There are some other facts as well that you must keep in mind especially if you have never been to a bar or a club anytime before. Take a look –

  • Party with Your Pals –

There is no fun in spending a night out at a bar without keeping your best buddies in tow. A solo club-hopping will certainly make you doze off in a lack of excitement. Whether it’s to booze together, gather around a table to interact with each other or bust a move to the beats of Karaoke, a celebration should be reveled with friends. The fun factor aside, it’s your friends who can help you find the best bar and club as well. There must be at least one or two persons in your group who are regular at bar-hopping. Only they can be the best guides when it comes to helping you choose a reputed bar and club near you.

  • Eating Light is the Mantra –

Regardless of how much you love eating, ensure that you munch on something light and less spicy before heading out to a bar. The best bars in Kolkata are not at all stingy when it comes to delighting the guests with a variety of yummy platters. Besides sipping your favorite drink, you should also treat your taste buds with some finger-licking dishes served at a bar or a club. Unless you are planning to eat less at a bar, you should never get your tummy bloated with too much food gobbled at home. 

  • Draw A Limit When You Drink –

Make sure to drink responsibly if you are looking to spend a whale of a time at the best bar near you. Plus, you don’t want the hangover of your bar-night to ruin your next morning at work! There are some people who never feel dizzy or knocked-out in spite of boozing excessively. Unless you are bibulous or belong to the mentioned lot, you must ditch the idea of drinking too much.

  • Keep Safety Factor in Mind –

Even if you are hopping at the best club near you, you should never indulge in overstaying. A night out at a bar needs you to stay at the venue for a limited span of time. This means you cannot spend all the time in the world at a bar regardless of how much intended are you to overstay. Explore the ambiance, music, food, people, fun, and then straightaway…LEAVE!

  • Last but Not Least –

There is no point in choosing a bar that offers alcohol, beverages, and food at an affordable rate but does not pay attention to ‘quality.’ The warmth and hospitality you receive during your stay at a bar will determine how memorable your experience will be. If finding the best bars in Kolkata is not your cup-of-tea, then delegate the responsibility to Haarway. Understanding your requirements, preference, and budget, Haarway will help you find the best bar and club without charging you anything.

Keep these pointers in mind if you want your bar-hopping moments to be etched on your mind forever.

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