25 Greeting Messages to Ring in the New Year 2022

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We are finally on our way to bid adieus to 2021 and embrace a new beginning of the year 2022. It really doesn’t matter how you plan on spending New Year’s Eve, be it with your family binge-watching on the all-time best movies or out partying and raising a toast to a fresh start with friends; the magic remains the same. It’s all about starting everything on the right foot, being optimistic for new opportunities, holding no grudges, and walking into 2022 surrounded by family, friends, and pets.

While most New Year's Eve festivities include champagne, the iconic countdown and Times Square ball drop, all the dazzle and glamour of the fireworks, and discussions about new resolutions, the most essential aspect of ringing in the new year is thanking the people you love. Changes are inevitable. That's life. But individuals who decide to stick by your side, year after year, must be appreciated. There are specific Happy New Year 2022 wishes for everyone, whether it's your college group, the colleagues you see daily, the relatives who've been by your side since childhood, the friends who are just a simple text, call or FaceTime away, or the person whom you claim as your better half. 

Happy New Year Wishes: Let’s Fizz the Season!

Knock, Knock
Who’s there?
Needle, who?
Needle little help with happy new year 2022 wishes!

Yes, we have compiled a list of 25 of the most enjoyable new year greetings of all time. Let’s jump right to it! 

The One for Your Family

How can you start a new year without sending in your gratitude to your family? You have spent your whole life with your parents, siblings, relatives, etc., it’s only fair for them to receive some golden words for their love and support. Plus, if you're throwing a New Year's Eve party this year, you might be looking for some inspiring things to say to everyone as you raise a toast. You will need words that have the potential to stand as a testament as you reflect on the previous year and say cheers to the fresh chapter of 2022.

Here are 5 of the best New Year wishes for loved ones: 

  • Here’s to another year of us walking in a confetti wonderland together. I just hope that this year brings us closer than before, with more smiles than before and more memories than before! Happy New Year, everyone!
  • Every new year, I can't resist but reminisce about how far we have come. We have stood firm, no matter the ups and downs. More importantly, you all have always been my support system, made me into who I am today and given me unconditional love. Here's to you, my fam-bam!
  • Here’s to another year of unravelling the weird family dynamics during my therapy session. Just Kidding, or am I? Happy New Year, everyone!
  • It has long been said that blood is thicker than water, but champagne is stronger than both— so, let's sip-sip-hooray our way into the new year!
  • I couldn’t be more proud to claim you all as my family. A family that is bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne, a family that matches my level of crazy. So, cheers to our bond and the new year!

The One for Your Best Buddies 

What’s not to like about the new year? Food? Good! Champagne? Good! Partying with Friends? Good! However, as we all know it, sometimes, words coming out of your heart are singularly the most powerful force. You own the power to crystallize your love for your BFFs and encourage them towards a happy start.

So, here are some new year greetings that will help you do just that -

  • Here’s to another year of always being by your side, from your “This year I’m going to be happy. I will make myself happy” mood, to your “This year was supposed to be great! But it’s only the second day, and I’m a loser” mood. Cheers to us!
  • We have had a wild ride so far, and this year won’t be different either. Let’s raise a toast to our same-gold friendship with just a new year twist!
  • We are all here looking at 2022 like, “Look at us. Don’t blow this for us,” and hoping that this year isn’t disguised as 2020 part 2! Happy New Year!
  • Let’s raise a toast to manifest all the good things in 2022 and claim it ours, no matter the difficulties. Happy New Year!
  • This year, I have decided to move on and leave my past behind. So, if I owe you money, I’m sorry, but I have already moved on, and you should too! Cheers to a fresh start! 

The One for your Boss or Co-Workers

Your work life is a part of your life and deserves equal importance and love. You have spent much of the quality and productive time in your office, and it’s time to send some love to the people who make work-life bearable.

Send these messages to your co-workers and boss to tell them how you are looking forward to starting another year with them -

  • I'm so delighted to have you as a significant part of my work family- Happy New Year!
  • Best wishes for the year 2022! Please make a New Year's resolution to give up smoking; I'll help you stick to it!
  • Hey! Did you receive the memo? This year shall be a year filled with praises and promotions (only if you decide to work hard enough!) Let's roll into the new year with positivity!
  • Here's to another year of questioning the same thing- "Was that meeting even necessary??!" Happy New Year, I don't know how I could've survived office without you!
  • Another year is dawned upon us, ushering with it a new set of challenges for our crew, but we stand firm and do not worry at all. Why? Well, it’s all because of you- You are a capable leader in whom we have faith. Boss, I wish you and our family a thrilled and prosperous New Year!

The One for Your Lover

It's the week for goofy sweaters, sappy romcoms, and fretting about holiday spending, which means the new year is just a few days away. With the fancy outfits, unlimited champagne, and literal sparkles, it's as if the new year is calling you to spend the day with your lover.

So, with the cuffing season in full swing, grab your date (and don't forget about your mask, please!), and consider greeting 2022 with any of these happy new year wishes for love! (P.S- We are so glad to know that you have someone special who will cheer with you with your new year’s resolution of working out by eating burgers in front of you.)

  • Here’s to another year of claiming all your sweatshirts as mine. Happy New Year, may this year be filled with cute dates (Take it as a hint!)
  • Looking back into all these years that we have spent together, there is no one else I’d rather spend my whole life with other than you. Thank you for being my greatest confidant, my best friend and my lover. Happy New Year!
  • With you, every second feels worth it. Indeed, there are moments when you make me mad, but I wouldn’t know how to spend my days without you. Here’s to another year of our relationship, cheers to us!
  • Let me raise a toast to the girl/boy I love the most- (Name of your girlfriend/boyfriend). Happy New Year, love!
  • Roses are red, Violets are blue. This year shall be the sweetest because I have you. Let’s start the year on a cheesy note as we gulp down our extra cheese-filled pizza!

The One for Your Instagram Fam

As the new year arrives, let’s not forget about your social media family. They have been an integral part of your journey too. So, here are some texts with which you show that you are ringing into the year with them in your thoughts:

  • Can we all agree to extend a heartfelt thank you to our comfort food and sweatpants that helped us get through 2021?
  • They say goodbyes are hard, but can someone tell why does it feel so easy to say bye-bye to 2021?
  • My vibe right now is simply to enjoy life. What’s your 2022 mood?
  • I really don’t’ need any reason to dress up in sequins! I hope you all have a bright and glittery new year!
  • I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22!

A Happy New Year: From Haarway’s Family to Yours!

We are so grateful to everyone who supported us all through the years. The past year has been one of success, all thanks to the courtesy of our users and audience. But do you know what really matters? It’s not our sales and profit but the fact that we survived one of the most challenging years together. We take pride in calling you our digital family and couldn’t be happier to step into the new year with you by our side. Happy New Year, let’s make this year a good one to remember!

We also hope that our compiled list of new year wishes for loved one in your life bring a smile onto your face and theirs!

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