Deck Up Your Flat in North Kolkata with Beautiful Drop Ceilings

Deck Up Your Flat in North Kolkata with Beautiful Drop Ceilings

Deck Up Your Flat in North Kolkata with Beautiful Drop Ceilings

Are you on a lookout for new and innovative ways to deck up your abode? You will get many ideas if you search for it on the Internet.  However, an effective to get a unique and fresh look for your flat in North Kolkata is by opting for false ceilings. There may be nothing innovative about false ceilings since they have reigned supreme in interior decor for years now. But there is something undeniably appealing about an aesthetically appealing false ceiling. Its beauty reaches another height especially when it gets lit up with colorful and vibrant hues. From the structure to design and the lights you install, false ceilings are certainly appreciation-worthy. Have a look –

Take Structures in Consideration –

A very common idea in false ceiling is getting a segregated geometric structure right atop of a normal ceiling with vibrant lights installed underneath. It creates a soothing impact when viewed right from below as you see the lights exude from the nooks of a drop ceiling. You can opt for an ornate design rather than the usual triangular or square structures of a false ceiling to make everything a lot more beautiful. Keep the lights very neatly tucked inside the false ceiling instead of making up for a halo effect with the overall structure. Creating a translucent effect, this will lit up a room in a uniform way.

Toy with Lights –

Besides the structure, the lighting matters a lot in beautifying the overall decor of a room. It’s not exaggerating to state that lighting can make or even break a room’s whole mood. If you want to create an intriguing effect in a room, opt for angular lights. Angular lights will emanate a soothing effect all through a room as the lights slowly fall in different nook and reflect off its walls. These lights must be positioned in a way so every important corner of a room gets perked up while those not-so-important areas stay in the shadow.

Try Multiple Drop Ceiling –

If you are looking to create a break-even effect in your rooms, then it’s advisable that you should make use of multiple drop ceilings. Converse to every other common structure, you can have a word with your interior designer and opt for multiple drop ceilings, each relatively small in structure, but collectively creating a larger lighting effect. For creating different moods, you may also play with the colors of the ceiling lights as well.

Finally –

Drop ceilings are an outstanding way to prettify a room. With the right lighting options and design, you can create a soothing ambiance in your room. Are you planning to move into new 2 and 3 BHK flats in Kolkata? Wondering how to find the right real estate property at your preferred location? Is there any budget pre-decided? Squeeze some time out to search for the best apartments or real estate properties in Kolkata on Haarway. This leading business listing platform will help you get connected with reliable and reputable property owners in the city. You need not spend even a single penny to find the right property for yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Sweep your eyes over the official website of Haarway to know more about its services.




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