Discover Some of the Most Effective Dog Training Tips

Discover Some of the Most Effective Dog Training Tips

Discover Some of the Most Effective Dog Training Tips

For almost every dog-owner, it’s a hair-tearing task to teach their pet dogs the proper mannerisms. Due to lack of proper training, a dog may grow into a disobedient creature. Its devil-may-care attitude might give you a really tough time and make you not to sleep a wink! This is the reason why, you must train your dog properly so it does not end up taking you for a ride. All it entails is practice, patience and a bunch of treats to train a pet. Don’t want to take any professional assistance? Follow these dog training tips to ace the deal –

  • Let It Stretch More Often –

You must let your pet dog stretch more often so it remains fit and flexible always. Dogs tend to take a bow or stretch their bodies to relax themselves. Make sure to instruct your pet to take a bow as often as possible. Don’t forget to reward it with its favourite treat every time it listens to you and stretch its body or take a bow. When you keep practising it for a long while, your pet dog will learn to obey your commands. Every dog may not be on the same page when it comes to learning their owners’ instructions. Don’t rush if your furry companion is taking a bit too long to follow your commands.

  • Teach It to Shake Hand –

A dog that knows how to shake hand is the most adorable creature on this planet. It may be a little time-consuming, but all the time and efforts you put in are worthwhile. To teach your four-legged friend the way of shaking hands, make sure to kneel to its level and ask it to sit on the floor. Say the word ‘Shake’ and give your palm. Subsequently, lift your pet’s elbow gently and put that on your own palm. Once it’s done, provide it with a treat or toy. Repeat this for at least ten times. Every time, your dog shakes hand with you, reward it with a treat. Practice this for a few weeks to entrench the trick in the recess of your dog’s brain.

  • Encourage It to Jump –

For every dog, it’s important to jump around during their play times. Teach your pet to hop on your instruction. Hold a treat near its nose and life your hand upward gradually. Your pet will jump to catch the treat. Repeat the process for at least five or six times to train it to take a leap on your command. Don’t forget to appreciate your pet with its favourite toy or edible every time it obliges you.

  • Take Care of Its Health –

It’s next to impossible to train a dog that is not completely fit and fine. To check whether or not your canine companion is healthy, you must take it to a regular check-up. Wondering how to find the best veterinarian in Kolkata? Let Haarway lessen your concerns. With this business listing platform, you can find a well-experienced vet at the location of your preference.

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