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coronavirus third wave
3 August 2021
Coronavirus third wave : Is it inevitable in India in 2021 ?

By now, the pandemic has hit almost every sector in India. As the research …

1 June 2021
Getting Vaccinated? Here’s Covid-19 Vaccination Guidelines for Before, After and During the Process

Since 16th January, when India commenced the vaccination procedures to …

What is CoviSelf?
26 May 2021
What is CoviSelf ? Home-based Covid-19 testing kit CoviSelf: All you need to know

It is no secret that in the wake of coronavirus, you have witnessed a …

covid-19 policy claim rejection
20 May 2021
Insurers may Reject Your COVID-19 Claim Policy: Here's Why?

You purchase health coverage to help shield yourself from unexpected …

coronavirus in children
19 May 2021
What Measures Should You Take if a Child Gets Infected With Coronavirus?

At the first phase of the pandemic, the Coronavirus affected the aged and …

17 May 2021
Things to do if You are Tested Positive for Covid-19

Covid-19 is a deadly virus that took the lives of millions of people …

fake medicine
17 May 2021
How Keep Yourself Safe From Fake Medicines, Vaccines, And Medical Equipment Of COVID?

The outbreak of the pandemic is so intense that the medical facilities are …

corona kavach vs corona rakshak
17 May 2021
Corona Kavach Vs. Corona Rakshak: Which Insurance Is Best For You ?

The breakout of the Covid-19 is affecting the world brutally where you …

covishield vs covaxin vs sputnik V
17 May 2021
Covishield Vs Covaxin Vs Sputnik V : Which is the Best Vaccine In India?

Summary- Know about the difference between Covishield vs Covaxin vs …

immunity-boosting foods
13 May 2021
Covid-19 Outbreak: 5 Food Items to Boost Your Immunity and Safeguard You from all Infections

The Coronavirus outbreak taught us the importance of our health and …

Travel During Covid-19
Tours & Travels
23 April 2021
Tips For a Safe Travel During Covid-19 Outbreak

The Covid-19 outbreak was the black sheep of 2020. The world is still …

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