Everything You Need to Know about Candid Photography

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When we talk about big-fat Indian wedding celebrations, one thing that adds to its charm is photography. However, recently it’s candid photography which is garnering more supremacy over the traditional photography. If your budget permits, and most importantly, if you’re into candid photography, you should invest in hiring the best candid wedding photographer in Kolkata.

However, you might think tying the knot in the right venue, investing handsomely on décor, or riding off into the Sunset might guarantee a breathtakingly beautiful wedding album, but the bitter truth is that plenty of things can go south if you fail to choose the best wedding photographers in KolkataWhich is why, conducting a thorough market research – or at least seeking genuine recommendations – makes sense.

If you’re someone who wants to know more about candid photography before hiring the right professionals pertaining to the field, then reading the below-mentioned excerpt would be of great benefits. Have a look –

What is Candid Photography?

Candid wedding photography refers to exactly what kind of style of wedding photography, which has the photographer capturing his/her subjects without having them pose for any meticulously-crafted events. Simply put, candid photography aims to conjure unplanned moments which elicit unpretentious expressions, unfiltered emotions.

A candid photographer loiters around in the crowd, looking to capture unadulterated emotions in their truest forms, which will make for a perfect memorabilia of wedding memories. In short, they would hunt and capture different moments, which unfold in a wedding without interfering and making bride/groom/family/ guests pose.

How is Candid Photography Different from the Tradition One?

Candid photography is different from traditional photography. Traditional photographers are mostly into capturing carefully-curated and meticulously planned-out moments. On the contrary, the candid photographers are adept at capturing raw or unpoised moments.

Needless to say, a wedding celebration is not just about pomp and show. It revolves around a lot of emotional rollercoasters, too! A candid photographer aims at capturing a varied emotions in their truest forms. Take a bride’s farewell moment for reference. For a candid photographer, one of the most unadulterated wedding moments to capture is the “vidaai”  when a bride officially bids adieu to her family and heads for her “new house” with a tear-streaked face!

What Makes a Candid Photographer Special?

Followings are the qualities that make a candid photographer stand out from the rest. Firstly, they are fuelled by true passion. Most of these experts are truly passionate about art, aesthetics, and creativity. They have an eye for perfection. Their focus remains in creating visually compelling images, which make memories live forever. Candid photos are a mishmash of both art and science so to speak.

A professional candid photographer would have an artistic eye for photographs. The most reputed candid photographers must have a good eye. Always remember it’s good eyes that make great pictures. Unless you have eyes for perfection, you won’t be able to excel as a candid photographer. Processing is an integral part of candid photography. Hence, the photographers should focus on the post-processing part as well.

Now as you have a fair knowledge of what candid photography is all about, we hope that it would be easier for you to spot the best experts in your city.

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