Best Wedding Photographers in Kolkata to Click Your Big Day

Best Wedding Photographer in Kolkata

Wedding photography is the subtle art of capturing one of life's most important days. Wedding photographers produce one-of-a-kind, enduring memories that families cherish for a lifetime.

Wedding photography is also one of the most financially lucrative artistic occupations today since it is essential for newlyweds' broader topic of romance. Thanks to Instagram and social media, wedding photography and videography have become two of the most important aspects of the big day.

Wedding photography, as a common component of commercial photography, comprises various fields of photography. Portrait photography, concept photography, documentary photography, and candid photography are all examples. A unique wedding photographer will not just shoot weddings and related activities.

Why not have those adorable candid photos and frame-worthy family shots to remember this memorable event? So, whether you live in Kolkata or are planning a wedding in the city known for its great colonial architecture, we've compiled a list of the top candid wedding photographer in Kolkata.

Best Professionals That Frame Weddings in Kolkata

1. Rig Photography

Rig Photography doesn't just capture the couple but also the lovely and candid moments between them so that they have a great bundle of memories when they look back. Once you've decided on him for your wedding photos, you can practically relax.

2. Photo Art

Photo Art in Baghajatin, Kolkata is a reputable brand in the market since they strive to provide their consumers with the greatest experience possible. This has benefited them in building a loyal customer base. They began their adventure in 2011, and they have worked hard to keep the consumer at the center of their company operations and philosophy ever since.

3. Pixonova

Rishav Chakraborty, a commercial and fine arts photographer with a diverse career in film and photography, owns and operates Pixonova. He blends technical expertise with artistic sense to create rich, gorgeous, and compelling images.

He sees each project as a chance to create something unique and beautiful. Based in Kolkata, he and his staff will fly throughout India to be with you on your special day.

4. Soumya Prasad Photography

They are a well-equipped group of photographers to handle weddings and fashion shoots. They are based in Kolkata and open to travelling outside the city for destination weddings.

They are experts in both candid and classical photography. With years of expertise, they will undoubtedly capture and make all your precious moments unforgettable.

5. Cheese and Flash

Cheese and Flash is a well-known wedding photography and videography company situated in Kolkata. Cheese and Flash is the brand you should trust if you seek a team of successful photographers who can capture each of your wedding events perfectly and with maximum precision.

They have been providing high-quality services since 2016 and have a well-established reputation in the market. They will provide you with the most cherished wedding book that will last a lifetime.

6. Joy Sengupta Photography

They specialize in wedding and engagement photos They provide both candid and traditional photography. They also offer a team of highly trained photographers that will capture the perfect moments on your wedding day.

They use cutting-edge technology and equipment to capture your images precisely. They believe in capturing their clients' true emotions.

7. PIP Broadcast & Equipment

A team of experienced photographers is dedicated to creating high-quality images from your wedding day for you to enjoy for the rest of your life. They are widely regarded as the best wedding photographers in Kolkata.

They make it a point to produce the most stunning images from the big day. They recognize that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and the photos from the day will be something you can look back on for the rest of your life.

8. Roy's Studio

Roy's Studio is a professional wedding photography business situated in Kolkata that has mastered the art of capturing the right moment. They believe that ties are lovely, and that capturing them in real-life situations is even more so.

Roy's Studio's goal is to portray this jubilation in the dictatorship of beauty. They provide excellent services while being well-equipped with photographic equipment.

9. A Bridal Story

They have been documenting numerous people's once-in-a-lifetime moments. A Bridal Story gives you lovely recollections of your wedding day with your loved ones. They always have new ideas to share their memories a break.

Let them record your everyday moments in imaginative compositions to retain stunning moments and heartfelt images. Their photographers capture every moment as it is, real and natural.

10. Aarav Photography

The man behind the lens is Aarav from Kolkata, and his major goal is to earn your happiness by capturing your precious moments for you to enjoy forever. He specializes in capturing spontaneous and natural moments of your wedding in their natural light. He is also well-equipped with all of the gear and methods necessary to create high-definition images.

11. Chitrokar

Chitrokar is Kolkata-based wedding photography and videography firm. They are a group of experienced photographers and videographers that offer affordable wedding photography and filming services. Their images are modern and romantic, radiating a feeling of candidness and rawness while preserving the individuality of emotions and the aura of each photograph.

Pictures That Speak, Speakers Those Frame!

The wedding is the most unforgettable day for us, and we want to remember every detail. You'll need a decent memory reel for all your wedding memories.

There are many wedding photographers in Kolkata, and finding the finest may be time-consuming and stressful. With the above list, you can locate the greatest wedding photographers for your wedding and other occasions.

These professional photographers in Kolkata are the ideal choice for your special day. We're sure they'll find the right Bengali beauty to make you appear like a million bucks.

Wedding photography is about capturing not just the couple but also their relationship, love, and the lovely moment they share. Book these wedding photographers in Kolkata for some amazing wedding photos you will never forget.

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