Everything You Should Know about Scrub Typhus

Scrub Typhus

It’s just when the Calcuttans breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that the city is now finally limping back to normalcy having defeated the raging monster of Covid-19, it seems that another catastrophe has just begun to get its claws into Kolkata! The best 24-hour hospitals in Kolkata have already been updated for the same.

If you’re clueless about what we are referring to, let’s introduce you to Scrub Typhus – an unusual mystery fever – which has already started gripping parts of Kolkata and a few other cities in India.

Since the upward trajectory of this mystery disease has already started, it’s highly advisable that you should get acquainted with every nitty-gritty pertaining to Scrub Typhus.

Here’s sharing a detailed low-down of some of the most essential details about Scrub Typhus. Take a look –

Scrub Typhus – Time to Demystify the Mysteries!

According to medical science, Scrub Typhus refers to a re-emerging Rickettsial infection. This mysterious infection was earlier reported in some South Asian countries, as well as in India just a few years ago.

The onset of this vector-borne disease is mainly marked by fever, skin rashes, itching, and the like. The most shocking thing about this seemingly innocuous fever affects the cardiovascular system, central nervous system, gastrointestinal systems, and respiratory and renal systems.

If some of the recent surveys and medical reports are to be believed, the carrier of Scrub Typhus is an insect named Trombicullid Mites. As or when this insect bites, it enters the body. However, the good news is that if it gets diagnosed in a timely manner, it could be treated and tackled. But, if it’s not, it might claim life!

Scrub Typhus – Another Catastrophe on the Rise?

After just a few months of stagnation, the Covid-19 cases are on rising once again! Citizens, who were buckling up to get back to normalcy, are now taking caution for another phase of Corona's invasion in our lives.

And, to add to this crisis, Scrub Typhus has made its inroads! The total number of Typhus cases is increasing in an alarming rate in Kolkata. If a recent news report is to believe, at a reputed hospital of Park Circus, a number of kids were admitted with Scrub Typhus.

A couple of kids from Jodhpur were reportedly suffering from this mystery fever, too! Owing to this alarming hike in Typhus cases, West Bengal’s and India’s Health Departments have become highly cautious.

The situation has become so grim that the city’s health department has decided to buy additional IGM kits for streamlining the diagnosis of this disease. In fact, the state has made a decision of sending thousands of kits to different labs in almost 44 – 50 government hospitals across Bengal.

What are the Symptoms of Scrub Typhus?

If the aforementioned details have already made you a bundle of nerves, hold back! We have some more shocking revelations to make about this mysterious infection. In case, you’re pumping up your heart with some courage thinking that you can buy medicines from the 24-hour pharmacy in Kolkata to beat the deadly effects of this ailment, we have a shocker for you!

The medical departments of our state are yet to come up with the spot-on medicine recommendation for Scrub Typhus! But, the research is on! Healthcare experts, medical professionals, and pharmaceutical researchers are working relentlessly on discovering the right medicines for this ailment. And, we’re certain that sooner or later, there will be a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel.

However, according to most doctors, early detection of Scrub Typhus could save lives to a great extent. Hence, it’s very important that you gather all the necessary information relating to the most common symptoms of this disease. The main symptoms of this ailment generally appear within a span of 8-10 days of someone being bitten.

Some of the most common symptoms are the followings –

  • Excruciating body aches
  • Severe muscle pain
  • Headache
  • High/moderate fever accompanied by shivering
  • Skin rashes
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Emotional lows include anxiety, disorientation, confusion, etc.

If the severity of this fever reaches a peak, a patient might lapse into a coma. In some

severe cases, a patient might also develop internal bleeding, organ failure, etc. which could take a turn for the worse!

A Lowdown of the Diagnosis and Tests

As most of the symptoms of scrub typhus are somewhat similar to several other ailments, someone dealing with it should undergo medical tests to detect scrub typhus. Based on the report, the doctors might begin with a non-specific treatment for alleviating the symptoms when waiting for the confirmatory reports.

How to Treat Scrub Typhus?

The treatment for this strange infection is generally with antibiotics. An antibiotic called Doxycycline could be prescribed to patients of every age until or unless any other critical medical conditions prevent their use.

The medical confirmation of the detection might take time simply because of all the processes involved. However, the sooner the meds are taken, the speedier recovery could be expected.

How to Prevent?

  • Avoiding traveling the areas where Scrub Typhus is already on the rise
  • Maintain a distance from areas with very thick vegetation
  • Carry medicated insect repellents or cover your skin with enough clothing
  • Keep children indoors – as much as possible

Make sure that you keep the contact numbers of the top-rated 24 hours ambulance service in Kolkata in case any crisis strikes in. Don’t panic! Keep yourself updated with the Scrub Typhus-related updates or news, which are coming to the fore.

And, let’s not forget to hope for a brighter tomorrow! After all, it’s hope and positive mindsets, which will ultimately tide us over this testing time, and stand the test of this pressing challenge.

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