How Can You Celebrate Mother's Day During The Covid-19 Pandemic?

Mother's Day 2021

Mother’s Day is knocking at the door, and we are stuck amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. So many have queries like how can we celebrate this day while in quarantine? It’s a fact that the best thing you can ever gift your mother on this special day is your precious time. Although this pandemic makes it challenging to let the families enjoy themselves together, there are several other opportunities to make this day memorable.

Mothers are our life-giver and our first love. So we must make them feel special no matter what. This blog will help you with tips and ideas on how you celebrate this eventful day amidst the pandemic.

Prepare Breakfast in Bed

Are bed breakfasts reserved for the lovers? Don’t limit this special treatment only to your partner. Why not try this on Mother’s Day for your mother? You don’t always need a restaurant to have delicious food.

Sometimes we can just cook a meal out of love and present it to our mother. You can decide on a delicious breakfast recipe and make sure that the breakfast should be according to your mother’s favorite food items.

For example, you can try making parathas, eggs, or pancakes along with hot tea over a tray and surprise her as she wakes up from bed early morning. If your mother stays in a different location than you, place an order for breakfast online and get it delivered to her doorstep. Many restaurants follow strict Covid safety protocol, ensure to order from those restaurants only.

Plan a Virtual Gathering

The new normal period has taught us the importance of social media and technology. How about planning a virtual gathering where all your family members would be present along with your mother. On this day, your relatives or cousins might also celebrate this special occasion with their mothers, so you can refrain from adding them and instead have a seamless video call with your mother.

Try for a surprise video meeting, send the link to your mother, and ask her to join immediately. Let her know that it’s an emergency. Keep your front camera off. Once she joins the meeting, turn on the camera and give her a shoutout.

Planning a virtual meet-up inclusive of singing, laughter, chat, games, etc will your mother feel very special. You can also reply on numerous service listing portals for hosting a video call on your behalf based on your budget, need, etc.

Take Charge of Her Work

Mothers are busy with household chores 24*7. She doesn’t even take a day off for rest. So on this Mother’s Day, let her free from all the household chores, and you take in charge of her work.

Of course, you must treat your mom like a queen each day but make her feel more special on this eventful occasion. So give her a day off, take charge of the cooking, washing the dishes, wiping off the house, and other household work.

For more fun, you can divide the household work among your family members. Let your mom relax, watch a movie, do her favorite tasks, etc, while you complete all her work.

Create a Greeting Video

Creating a greeting video for her is a fantastic idea. But, unfortunately, visiting a gift card shop in this pandemic is unsafe. So, while you are quarantine, take a chance of this opportunity by creating a virtual video greeting message. If you have siblings, ask them to shoot a short video message.

Then, you can collect all the videos and merge them together as one video and surprise your mother. After receiving this wonderful Mother’s day gift, your mother would have the brightest smile on her face. Finally, ensure that you edit the video using amazing effects and background music.

Go for a Family Walk

Why don’t you try going for a family walk in the evening? Of course, you might say it’s pandemic, but this plan works if you follow the safety measures. If you have a huge lawn space, try going for a walk there, or you can just stroll outside while maintaining social distancing.

Call your family members along with you for a joyful family walk. In addition to this, you can set up a live exercise class for your mother, kids, and siblings and enjoy it together. Sometimes a simple family walk makes the family bonding very strong.

Wrapping Up

I hope the ideas will help you out in hosting a seamless Mother’s day during Covid. You can incorporate any one of the above ideas or try all of them to make the day extra special. Ensure that you gain a priceless smile from your mother.

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