What Are The Symptoms Of New COVID-19 Strain?

Symptoms Of New COVID-19

The world is still recovering from COVID-19. The 2020 pandemic has left the world in a traumatic state. After a brief period of the first wave, the new wave of COVID-19 has brought several new symptoms. The symptoms aren’t limited to only fever or dry cough but something more than that. There are numerous 24 hour pharmacies in Kolkata to help you in such emergencies. This blog will let you know the new symptoms of COVID-19, which will help you go for immediate virus tests if you are facing any of the below systems. Have an informational read ahead.

Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Questions regarding the new strain of COVID symptoms have left the public and the medical experts in a confused state. The UK Kent Variation, also known as B.1.1.7, is spreading in an alarming way and inculcating fear about the coronavirus wave’s uprise. Infected ones can check into 24 hour pharmacy when facing an emergency due to such symptoms.

Several researchers claim that the UK variant of the virus might spread globally at a faster pace, which may call for priority help. There even many differences spotted between Kent variants and the original COVID strain. New studies are trying to emphasize more on the new symptoms of COVID and take necessary precautions against it.

What do Studies Suggest?

After analyzing recent community cases in the UK and fewer parts of Europe, the COVID-19 patients diagnosed under this new strain tend to show fewer signs of infection when compared to the common flu and cold signs. Researchers feel the emerging of the new wave is what the public should worry about.

People should go for test immediately as soon they suspect something or were exposed to this contagious virus. Thus, studies recommend immediate check-ups even if you feel a slight suspicion. Precautions should be taken earlier as later can be too dangerous for your health.

Are the New Covid Symtomps Different?

The new COVID symptoms are similar to the original one, but there has been an addition of more newer ones. Such symptoms include conjunctivitis, diarrhea, discoloration of fingers or toes, sore throat, aches, skin rashes, and headaches. Therefore the COVID symptoms are not fully different from the original one. Instead, new ones are just added.

Lethargic and Weak Feeling

Most COVID patients are reporting weakness as one of the major signs of the infection. Fatigue is a common sign with any type of virus, but with COVID-19, it’s very hard and crucial to deal with it. The presence of cytokines in your immune system is the main reason for feeling fatigued and dizziness to plague.

The after-effects of it meaning, which means fighting off the plague, can make your body feel weak and exhausted. Tiredness can also be a symptom since COVID is the only infection that results in several symptoms.

Dizziness and Fatigue Symptom

This infection gives rise to specific neurological symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, malaise, and nausea. The most confusing part about these symptoms is that you don’t know whether you’re feeling tired out of COVID-19 or due to something else. It’s hard to differentiate most of the time.

The only way you can avoid feeling dizzy is by giving your body proper rest and taking enough rest. Try to do things lightly, don’t overstress, exercise, or lift heavy things if your body doesn’t support it. The more stress you take, the more time your body will consume to recover.

Body Ache and Muscle Pain

Body ache and muscle pain is another common sign under new COVID symptoms. This symptom is also increasing worldwide. The number of cases facing these signs is on the uprise. Myalgia is the prime reason that causes such body pains and aches. The virus attacks important muscle fibers and tissue linings.

During COVID infection, widespread inflammation results in joint pain, weakness, and body ache. Consider going for a test when you feel the continuous growth of muscle ache, finding it difficult to carry on with daily tasks, and finding no sign of previous condition fueling it.

Having Pink Eyes or Conjunctivitis

Pink eyes and conjunctivitis are almost similar. China claims having pink eye or conjunctivitis is also a symptom of COVID-19. The pink eye includes eye redness, swelling, and the eye becomes watery. About 12 people in China who were diagnosed under this new COVID strain have shown this symptom.

Hearing Disability and Impairment

If you ever heard a ringing sound or any type of impairment recently, it could be due to the COVID-19 infection. According to the International Journal of Audiology, COVID-19 infection leads to hearing problems or disability. The most annoying part of this symptom is that you get to hear unpleasant sensations from within, which isn’t something produced externally.

Many people also face temporary hearing problems due to this infection. Researchers found about 56 studies that identified a link between the infection and auditory issues. About 7.6 percent of people suffered from hearing disabilities.

Digestive Discomfort and Gastric Issue

Researchers claim that gastrointestinal symptoms are also on the rise. The infection leaves a deep impact on the upper respiratory system. A new study says that diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, nausea, and pain are all coronavirus signs. Medical experts suggest that an individual suffering from diarrhea or vomiting shouldn’t take it lightly, especially when the world is still recovering from this pandemic.

Even though this infection affects the respiratory system directly, it also affects the kidney, liver, and intestine. Any major gastrointestinal malfunction can lead to elevation of liver enzymes. If you feel any kind of digestive discomfort, contact the 24 hours ambulance to visit the nearest COVID hospital and get yourself tested.

In a Nutshell

I hope from this above blog you now know the various symptoms of the COVID-19 virus. This virus is very harmful to the body, and it can even lead to death. One should take this virus seriously and follow the necessary precautions to avoid coming in contact with the virus. If you feel dizziness, muscle ache, pain, diarrhea, weakness in a common order, in this case, you must contact the 24 hours ambulance service in Kolkata to reach the nearest COVID hospital for immediate test and treatment.

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