How to Choose the Right Lights for Your Flat in North Kolkata?

How to Choose the Right Lights for Your Flat in North Kolkata?

How to Choose the Right Lights for Your Flat in North Kolkata?

An ideal home should be the manifestation of beauty with functionality. Moreover, your flat in North Kolkata must reflect your eccentric self. It requires many thoughtful considerations to create an aesthetically-pleasing space. To beautify your abode, you may paint the walls or deck up each corner with expensive décor pieces. But, these will certainly break your bank! However, you may create an exquisite space with the right lighting options as well. Below are mentioned some budget-friendly lighting options, which you can choose to beautify each corner of your apartment –

Begin with Your Bedroom –

For the bedroom, you should ideally choose soothing lights, which will give you utmost relaxation when you hit the bed. To create a beautiful illuminating effect, keep a frosted-glass lamp right next to your bed. Those swooping built-in lamps or bedside lights on either side of your headboard will ooze out the utmost coziness. Is there a gliding ceiling in your bedroom? If yes, then choose a flat ceiling lamp to maximize its beauty. A crystal chandelier drooping over a bed is a sight to behold. If your budget permits, you can invest in a chandelier for your master bedroom. If you love reading a book before crashing out, then consider a reading lamp beside your bed.

Living Room Must Stand Out –

Whether you use this corner of your 2 and 3 BHK apartment to watch TV or chit-chat with your family members, it’s important to choose the right lights to enliven the environ. Use angular lights to create an intriguing effect all through your living room. With lights falling in every corner and reflecting off the wall, a cozy look and feel would be created in your living area.  Thornton floor lamps, glam pendant chandelier, traditional ceiling lamp, etc. are a few options that you can choose to perk up your living room.

Don’t Ditch the Dining Space –

You could fix the lights in a way that every important corner of your dining space is lit up, while the unimportant corners remain in shadow. Do you have a not-so-spacious dining room in your flat in North Kolkata? Don’t worry! You can pick a ring light, a pendant ceiling lamp, a jeweled chandelier or a brass hanging-lamp to beef up a small dining corner.

Pay Attention to the Kitchen –

A kitchen is usually one of the most overlooked corners of an apartment. Don’t let it remain overlooked! With some lighting options such as multi Edison bulbs, nickel pentagon lamps, matt pendant lights, etc., you can make your kitchen stand out.

In a Nutshell –

We hope that you loved this blog that has been brought to you by Haarway. If you want the décor of your apartment to receive ample attention and adulation, make sure to abide by the aforementioned tips and tricks. Lighting can, in fact, make or even break a space! This is why; you should choose the right lighting options for your 2 and 3 BHK apartment in Kolkata. To find the best apartment at your preferred location, you can count on Haarway. Keeping your requisites, budget and location preference in mind, Haarway will connect you with the best proprietors of Kolkata.

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