How to Start A Business Without Money?

How to start a business without money

Have you reached a dead-end with your 9-to-5 job? Are you looking to kickstart your career being an entrepreneur? Do you constantly daydream about “how to start a business without money in India?” If you say YES then, you’re in the right place, and if you say NO, then continue to read because we have something exciting brewing further.

As the man, Steve Jobs, himself said, "My favourite things in life don't cost any money. It's apparent that the most precious resource we all have is time." If you’re really passionate about starting a business then, you have already reached almost half of your goals. It's possible to embark on a venture with hardly any money, but that isn't the same as a beginning without resources. Indeed, the more resources you own, the less cash you will require.

Before we delve into the details of an easy way to help start a business without money, let’s consider a small thing. You might get inspired by the stories of big firms springing from nothing to becoming successful worldwide. However, in order to learn the answer, how to start a business from scratch? You have to look behind the scenes. Such companies took years of labour, errors, a lot of layered work, and they are just a few of the thousands of businesses founded each year around the world.

Digital Marketing: One and Only Solution to Your Problem

Let’s face it if Steve Jobs could build a billion-dollar Apple company with just $1300 in hand, you can too. The formula for success is simple; all you have to do is alter it with your plan, ideas, and creativity. Plus, you have something that will make your dream come true with ease- the power of digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing is Gaining Momentum. Did You Hop on the Trend Wagon Yet?

It all starts with a spark, a spark of an idea you may ignite with exclusive resources in hand. Starting with the absolute basic, an introduction to understanding social media marketing. It's something that we all have been using very fondly in our day-to-day lives. But did you know that your business may leverage it to increase its awareness, drive traffic, boost productivity, attract more loyal followers, and eventually bolster your business reputation? You might already be using social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube, but now, let’s figure out how you may employ such avenues for the success of your business.

Choose a Social Media Platform and Focus on It

Contrary to the popular belief of extending an online presence wherever possible, we have a different take on it. First, decide on who your brand shall represent. Is it to cater to the millennials or Gen-Z or boomers? Second, based on your target demographic, opt for the avenue where you can easily find them. For instance, with Gen-Z, you can try out Instagram, Tik Tok, Snapchat, or digital campfire sites. But with the millennials or boomers, you can go for Facebook or LinkedIn.

You may even analyse the influencers within your niche and check out where they seem to have more success. If they have 12.2K followers on Instagram but only 700 on Twitter, it's your cue to emphasize more upon the former.

Maintain a Balance Between Followers and Following

When maintaining your social media persona, it's essential to strike a balance between the people you follow and the ones that follow you.

  • This ratio (followers/following) is used by software applications to recommend 'who to follow,' therefore, having a high ratio reduces your likelihood of obtaining prospective quality followers.
  • It's a question of credibility: do you feel you'll trust a brand with 1000 followers but follows 2500 individuals or another one with 550 followers but only follows 410?
  • A balanced account is preferable for SEO – SEOs have been discussing the significance of social media and how the situation has changed over the last few months. It is highly probable that individuals with robust social media pages are in a stronger position than someone with a weaker presence.

Search Engine Marketing is Essential to Boost SEO. Do You Know the Benefits of SEO?

Be assured that there are millions of other brands vying for the same audience. What strategy shall your business adopt to remain competitive? In this rat race, search marketing is your best possible solution. It has never been more crucial to establish an online presence over the web, and search engine marketing’s greatest strength is that it allows you to place your commercials in front of interested prospects who are keen to purchase at that exact moment.

Keyword Analysis

The core strategy for your search engine marketing starts with keywords. This could be considered the foundational block of the whole process as people utilize keywords to search for their queries over the web and locate answers they're browsing for.

As an essential component of your keyword management framework, you must undertake extensive research before deciding which buzzwords to leverage in your search marketing initiatives.

To begin with, you must first discover relevant keywords primarily used by the audience of your company or the ones that prospective buyers will probably use while looking for your offerings.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are crucial because they influence how your site shows in search engine results pages (SERPs) and how many users will click on your site. As a result, they will have a significant impact on your visitors and engagement levels, which in turn will have an influence on your SEO and results. For this reason, meta tags are an essential component when working on search engine marketing.


Content indeed reigns supreme. Quality content, according to search engines, is the ideal strategy to not just rank for relevant queries but also to provide favourable consumer experiences. It will also help ensure that you are teaching your customers, and being an expert in your field will lead to increased selling.


If we consider content is kind then, we can’t undermine the importance of backlinks. Let’s give them the title of being the queen. Keep in mind, it's not about who has more links heading to their website, but who has the highest quality links connecting directly to their site. Publish monthly or bi-monthly news releases about any fascinating company.

Approach popular blogs in your field to see if you may collaborate to earn a referral from their site. Pay close attention to your website design that will compel people to post links about you and discuss the things you provide. Create graphics or noteworthy information that will entice bloggers and news organizations to curate a link to your stuff.

Product Images

If you think visuals don't matter, you're wrong. When many people use search engines to look for things, they don't just look at the "Web" findings; they also look at the "pictures" results. These graphics will perform well in search engines if you have high-quality images of that topic on your domain, and the names comprise specific keywords. Potential clients will tap on that picture of your store, which will generate a lot of website traffic.

Listing Services for Ultimate Brand Visibility. Did you Try it Out Yet? 

Did you know that harnessing the power of free listing sites in India with high DA (Domain Authority) will help you increase your brand visibility and exposure? Yes, as unreal it may sound to have free access to a beneficial strategy for business growth, it still stands correct.

Local business directories can not only improve your SEO, but they would also assist you with the following:

  • Obtain genuine feedback from customers
  • Increase brand relevancy
  • Raise your website traffic and sales
  • Establish your online reputation

Be Meticulous with NAP Details

Ensure that your company name and the name on your store signage are precisely the same. Plus, your company's name and address must remain identical across all of your online listings.

Indicate your usual working hours as well as your holiday hours. This strongly encourages people to select your establishment, as well as avoiding the possibility of a poor review from someone who drove out to your physical outlet only to discover it closed.

Very Important to Choose a Category

Only 16 percent of the profile views arise from direct inquiries (the consumer entered the business name or address), whereas 84 percent come from discovery searches (implying that the customer looked for a product, category, or descriptive phrase and the business's page got featured). This is especially true for companies whose names don't convey the type of service they provide.

Once you've decided on a category, search engines provide you with category-specific options to build your presence as more appealing and powerful. Dining profiles may include menus or a booking option; hotel profiles can feature star ratings, and hair and beauty profiles can state whether they have familiarity with straight or curly hair. These particulars may persuade customers to select you over alternative options.

Ask People to Write Reviews

Every search engine recognizes customer reviews as the most influential aspect of consumer buying decisions. Thus, it has been made into a significant ranking feature in the algorithm. You may also examine the influence of feedback on ranking for yourself. The first three search results that display for most Google queries are the ones with several testimonials and excellent user ratings; they are referred to as the Local 3-Pack.

Don’t forget to respond to customer feedback. This feedback encourages more consumers to leave theirs, informs a lot about your company to potential clients, and boosts your local SEO.

So, What’s Next? 

So, there you go. You have the answer to the most crucial question in your mind right now, “Can I start a business with no money?”

The above-mentioned influential factors will allow you to grow and develop your business. Here are two more things to keep in mind as your tread further in the development scale-

Low costs: This is a motto that you must keep in mind regardless of the size of your endeavour or corporation. Maintain a minimal cost structure, both financially and in terms of time and effort.

Budget Reserve: Have a "small saving" aside that will permit you to meet your personal and company expenditures for at least six months. This is required for when you have attained equilibrium.

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