Important Details You Must Know about Coronavirus

Important Details You Must Know about Coronavirus

Important Details You Must Grab about Coronavirus


The recent and quite exponential outbreak of Coronavirus has got almost the entire world panic struck. This seemingly trivial virus could be a serious threat to one’s life if it is left untreated for a prolonged time. Even though, Coronavirus has primarily wreaked havoc in different cities of China, recently it was found in the southern fringe of India as well. However, the relieving part is that it’s curable. All you need to do is to get yourself treated by a renowned doctor near you to put all the risks at bay. Make sure to read this article to grab all the essential details about Coronavirus. Take a look –

What This is Virus All About?

This is an umbrella word for the viruses, which cause illness varying from common flu to life-threatening diseases like MERS or Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, etc.

Even just a few days back, people had no clue on where it came from, how it transmitted, etc. As per the recent survey of World Health Organization, this virus is mainly transferred from animals to humans. Earlier, it was thought to be transmitted from the sea foods, but recently it was found out that this virus can also spread from one human to another. Someone could get infected by coming in contact with the secretions i.e. cough, sneezing, handshake, etc. of an infected patient.

The Symptoms of Coronavirus

According to the WHO and NHS, some of the commonest symptoms of Coronavirus are dug out below –

  • A continuous feel of exhaustion. For someone, who is feeling exhausted or tired even after taking enough sleep, he/she should immediately get himself/herself checked by a renowned doctor in Kolkata.


  • Difficulty in breathing is another hair-raising indication of the presence of Coronavirus in someone’s body. If you are having a tough time in inhaling or exhaling while you are breathing, you must visit a physician near you.

  • Suffering from a fever or flu or dealing with cold and cough is a common phenomenon. But, if you find that your body temperature does not seem to drop even after taking medications, you should not make any delay in consulting a physician.

  • Having a little bit of cough or catching cold may seem a normal affair for someone who has a weak immunity. But, it raises a serious concern when it tends to linger for an unusually prolonged time. A sore throat or consistent coughing, sneezing, etc. could hint at the presence of Coronavirus in one’s body.

When Should You Raise the Alarm?

According to the health-care experts, these aforementioned symptoms are quite similar to several other respiratory diseases like common cold, flu, etc. If you have these symptoms and if you have travelled to China in the last two weeks, you are certainly at a high risk.

You might have been in contact with someone who is infected by Coronavirus during your trip to China. There are certain health conditions that need a diagnosis rather than a mere assumption or discussion. Coronavirus is definitely one such health hazard. Hence, you must visit a reputed doctor near you to get a medical checkup done.

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