Make Your Valentine’s Day Special with These Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Owing to the untoward and unexpected outbreak of Covid-19 and its subsequent pandemic, the last few years have been really distressing for us. All of us were cooped up within the four walls of our residents. Honestly, we’ve had enough of home isolation and social distancing.

However, let bygones be bygones.

Time to turn over a new leaf and enter a new phase of our lives – the life post pandemic! Drawing a curtain on the traumatic past experiences, we have started limping back to normalcy again. Since, the much-awaited Lovers’ month aka February has already arrived and the D-day (read 14th Feb) is not that far, you should pump up to get all mushy.

Here is a quick round-up of some ideas, that you can go by to make your V-day more romantic. Take a look –

Date with Books

It might sound a bit boring, but you two can make it interesting! If you have a knack for reading, and your partner won’t mind heading to a bookstore on V-day, you may make the plan work. If you want, you can arrange a cosy “home set-up” to immerse yourselves in your favourite books. To give it a party-like vibe, you can hire top party organizers in Kolkata.

In the place of a bookstore, you may go to a book café as well – your call completely! Spend the special day exploring new characters, diving deep in different dynamics. Grab some coffee or something sumptuous to eat.

Take a Car Ride

February is synonymous with a pleasant weather. How about making the most of such amazing weather? Take a bike ride keeping your partner in tow. If you want to seize the entire day in the lap of nature, consider starting off the journey at the crack of dawn. Enjoy the crisp breeze tugging against your hair as your two-wheeled chariot rolls ahead. Let the golden rays of the morning Sun drench you and your beau with its golden goodness.

If you are to seek beautiful moments, head to a place wrapped in lush greenery. Explore the untouched nature, enjoy the local food, watch a stunning Sunset holding each-others’ hands, and fill your heart with unbounded joy.

Eat Out at A Romantic Café

There’s nothing quite like tucking in a good café and indulge in scrumptious food. Head to a restaurant that’s tucked away from all the hustle-bustle! Before picking a café, make sure that you conduct a thorough research about Kolkata’s top eateries.

Weigh your budget vis-à-vis the costings of the restaurants of your choice. Don’t forget to check out your favourite café’s menu online beforehand. This will make it easy for you to decide what to eat at a restaurant.

Work Out Together

Are you a fitness enthusiast? Does your partner love to indulge in working out, too? If yes, then you can make a bit off-beat plan to celebrate your Valentine’s Day. Wake up early in the morning. Consider hitting the gym together. Enjoy sweating out together. Consider signing up for a class together and grabbing a cup of coffee afterwards.

Gaze the Sky

It’s V-day after all! Why not getting a bit too romantic? By “romantic,” we refer to a star-gazing date night. Head to your backyard with a blanket, use a star-gazing app for identifying constellations on the night sky.

Learn how to photograph a night-sky from anyone working at a reputed company that houses the best photographers and videographers in Kolkata. This will ensure that the beautiful night remains etched on your mind for lifetime.

So, tell us more about your V-day plan!

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