Rent a Bike to Explore Kolkata

Explore Kolkata

Want to plan your next trip? But you don’t have your own bike or wish to ride the bike of your dreams. Don’t worry. By opting for bike on rent in Kolkata, you get to satisfy your travel hunger. Kolkata is filled with incredible destinations that are perfect for bike rides.

Exploring Kolkata on a bike is what this blog will talk about. It’s true that exploring this metropolitan city is a real adventure and gives us the adrenaline rush. While on the bike ride, you get to access places inaccessible via public transport and pay attention to the interesting surrounding scenarios.

Let’s have a look at the write-up below to make your bike ride in Kolkata a successful one.

Fascinating Sites to Visit in Kolkata on Bike

Kolkata never falls short of fascinating sites. This city is home to numerous places that are sure to fascinate you. With the help of bike rental services, you can explore these wonderful sites and quench your travel hunger.

Start With Maidan

Keep Maidan as your base. The best travel advice is to start exploration from the city’s heart. For such a case, the Maidan location is a perfect choice. It’s a large open field park in the heart of Kolkata.

Here, you will come across many locals playing cricket, doing photography, chilling around, spending quality time, etc. What you can do is search for a bike on hire near you via online business directories and get verified rental shops as per your location, budget, need, etc.

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial should top the list under exploring Kolkata on a bike. However, you will regret missing out on this beautiful location. Victoria Memorial is carved out of white marble and is known to be a marble beauty.

This marvelous structure was built to pay respect to Queen Victoria. The best part about this place is you’ll find a huge water body near it. So you can spend quality time with yourself amidst a peaceful and serene.

One can spend several hours strolling around the park. You can also visit the nearby museum and gallery. While riding a bike, you can visit this place anytime you wish.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

The St. Paul’s Cathedral church is recognized for its Gothic architecture and is dedicated to St. Paul the Apostle. This structure is designed to meet the climate of India. People of all religions can visit St. Paul’s Cathedral church.

You can feel the British culture once inside the church. This church is just a walking distance away from Maidan. You can also try strolling around the huge area near the park and sit on beautiful steps attached to the church.

Elliot Park

Elliot park falls nearby to St. Paul’s Cathedral church. It’s an open wide green space perfect for jogging and walking paths. A parking facility is available here. You are sure to fall in love with nature once you visit this park.

If you plan to spend a romantic time with your lover, then this place is the best. Furthermore, when exploring Kolkata on a bike, visiting Elliot park can be a good refreshment.

Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens stadium falls within Kolkata’s B.B.D Bagh area and to the opposite of Calcutta High Court. This stadium was established back in the year 1864. It’s the oldest and the second-largest cricket stadium and the world’s third-largest.

In this area, you’ll come across many colonial buildings and British-era mansions. Victorian-era buildings are rarely seen in few cities, and one cannot miss these when in Kolkata. Before visiting this area, you’ll pass by Babughat Park, Tipu Sultan, Masjid, Raj Bhawan, Shaheed Minar, and Indian Museum.

Howrah Bridge

Don’t forget the iconic Howrah Bridge while exploring Kolkata on a bike. This bridge connects the eastern banks of Howrah to the western banks of Kolkata. Howrah Bridge is an architectural brilliance whose construction was initiated back in 1939. Set over River Ganga, this bridge receives more than 90,000 vehicles and pedestrians each day.

Belur Math

If you are a peace lover, Belur Math is perfect for you. This historic place welcomes tourists and peace seekers from all over the world. Whether you are following any religion or not, you are sure to love this place.

Belur Math is home to prayer halls and shrines that are dedicated to Sri Ramakrishna Mission, Sri Sarada Devi, and Swami Vivekananda. The spiritual ambiance of this place will make you want to visit here over and again.

When is the Best Time to Visit Kolkata?

The best time to visit Kolkata is during winters .i.e., from October to March. Kolkata is hot during summers, while in winters, the temperatures can drop down to 12 degrees, especially in the early morning. Ensure to carry a warm jacket along with you while on the bike ride. Be careful while riding a bike in the winter morning due to heavy mist.

Avoid the monsoon season since Kolkata lies on the eastern side of India, heavy rainfall can disrupt your plans. The locals name the heavy, violent rainstorm as ‘Kalboisakhi.’ It’s a local term used to explain the violent rainfall.

Also, don’t visit between June to September since monsoons are unpredictable. April to May receives extremely humid weather. In the summer season, you’ll most likely be inside your hotel rather than exploring outside.

Things to Keep in Mind While Renting a Motorcycle

Before renting a bike, there are certain criteria you need to keep in mind, have a look at the points below:

1. You must have a valid two-wheeler license. Most companies ask for it. But, even if few companies don’t ask for it, driving without a license is punishable by law; being a tourist won’t let you escape. Make sure you have enough experience of riding the bike.

2. Buy all the gears for yourself that includes helmets, jackets, gloves, or any other things. Many rental shops give helmets along with the bike. Some companies charge additional costs while some don’t. Make sure the gears are in good condition, and the helmet is ISI approved.

3. Pick a bike that will support you swiftly all through the journey. Don’t go for a bike that you aren’t used to riding. It’s safer and more convenient this way. Ensure to consult with the bike rental shop and enquire for their recommendations.

4. Different companies have different sets of contracts. Make sure you go through all of their contracts and clauses. Ask whether there is anything beyond the contract. Read all the terms, conditions, conditions, procedures thoroughly before finally agreeing with the contract.

Things to Consider While On-Road

1. Always wear your helmet, don’t just keep it along with you for show.

2. Remember to use turn signals and indicators frequently.

3. Keep distance with the vehicle ahead of you and in front of you.

4. Give safety the maximum importance, don’t speed up unnecessarily.

5. Don’t do things that will lead to a great disaster.

Wrap Up Time

Exploring Kolkata on a bike via bike rent in Kolkata is the best option ever. I hope the above details have served all your queries. You can dive into multiple service listing portals to quell your quest on the bike on hire near you. These portals will provide you with the best bike rental companies as per your location, budget, need, etc.

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