Some Offbeat Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

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Are you all pumped up for Valentine’s Day? The much-awaited “LOVERS’ DAY” is right around the corner. Nevertheless, beyond the celebration and fun veering around the day, there is another element that you must plan meticulously in advance. V-day gifts!

You can pick the best local service expert near you to pick the right V-day gift for your “special” one. But still, it’s advisable that you should sort your gift plans in time as it will keep unnecessary last-minute stresses at bay. What to gift, though?

The present situation with a plunge in economy and too many job layoffs going on all around the globe has certainly limited our financial flexibilities. Amidst this trying time, your splurges should be planned in a way that neither affects your expenses nor degrades your lifestyle.

Remember one thing that whatever gift you pick for your beau on this Valentine’s Day should make him/her feel good, and not just temporarily. Maybe, this time you should favour experiences over materialistic things!

Here’s a quick round-up of a few gift ideas, which will certainly blow your partner’s mind away. Have a look –

How About Planning a Trip Together?

Life is meant for good moments and great adventures. Everyone loves travelling, don’t they? And, why wouldn’t you? After all, there’s so much to explore, and to know about different parts of India, culture, food, and people! So this V-day, take up a trip together. Imagine having those lovey-dovey moments albeit in a different geography!

To make everything go seamlessly, make sure that you pick a place according to your budget, book a nice place to hole up in, and pack your bag ahead of time. Plan a short trip preferably as the motivation behind this itinerary is to make your V-day the best day of your life.

Brighten up Her Day with Some Jewellery

Valentine’s Day calls for love, romance, and most importantly, shopping for the one who brightens up your life. And what better way to light up your beau’s day, and shower her with love than by gifting her a piece of jewellery?

If you’re strapped for budget, go for simplistic-minimal silver jewellery. A minimalist neckpiece, ring, bracelet or a pair of earrings – could be the perfect V-day present for your special someone.

Cook Together to Add Spices to Your Love-Life

Home-cooked, over-fresh meals are such a “thing” for the “always-hustling-pressed-for-time” millennials! If both of you are a pro in cooking, you may go beyond run-of-the-mill recipes, and dish out something unique such as Pizza, Spaghetti, Pasta, and so on.

Now that cooking is considered a life skill across genders, it’s time to take the helm in case your girlfriend’s culinary skill is restricted to only boiling water or making coffee! To save time, money and energy, you can try out one-pot-cooking recipes, which have become a rage during the lockdowns. Remember to check the recipes beforehand on YouTube to ensure you don’t end up with a mess.

Call It for a Cosy Movie Night

Looking to celebrate V-day at home? If yes, then nothing could be better than a movie-night! Your selection of movies or OTT shows should be commensurate with your partner’s taste. Try to fish out her likes, dislikes, and yearning for the next must-watch on her mind.

Bring the “movie-space” in your abode to life with some scented candles. Enliven the space with loads of cute-quirky accents and accessories. Order in some of your favourite appetizers and drinks. And, spend the night with loads of snuggles.

DIY Gifts Always Stand Out

You can gift your special someone something made by hand, if you’re okay putting hours of thoughts and efforts into a DIY process. Running short of ideas? You could give her a handmade note thanking her for everything she does for you.

For someone who loves to click pictures or get clicked, a hand-made photo album could make an amazing gift. If she adores flowers, a DIY floral arrangement could certainly outshine a regular bouquet. If time or budget permits, you may pursue a small course on art and craft from a nearby gift design academy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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