Steps to Keep Your Knee Joints Strong & Healthy in the Long Run

Steps to Keep Your Knee Joints Strong & Healthy in the Long Run

Steps to Keep Your Knee Joints Strong & Healthy in the Long Run

Bone diseases are more or less synonymous to certain age groups. Most of us like to believe that only the aged people are susceptible to different bone diseases such as arthritis, knee joint pain, and the likes. Today, this notion has become a passé, courtesy the swiftly increasing numbers of young millennials suffering from arthritis in different forms! Among a variety of arthritis claiming to attention, osteoarthritis has taken our well-beings for a toss! This form of arthritis mainly affects the joints and bones around the knee area. Looking to protect your knee against stiffness or excruciating aching? Follow these simple yet useful remedies to save your knees in the long run –

  • Build Your Muscles –

Did you know that there are two shock-absorbers right around your knee joints? These shock-absorbers are named as Hamstrings and Quadriceps muscles. Building these muscles could be the stepping stones to adding to the overall strength and flexibility of your legs. Another crucial muscle that you should empower is the gluteal muscle. This muscle is situated around the buttock and leg. Some effective leg workouts that work wonders in strengthening these muscles are cycling, stair climbing, and the likes. Plus, there are many other exercises that you can practice on a daily basis to power up your leg muscles.

  • Wear Good Shoes –

Those fancy and high-heels might be the visual treats to many eyes, but they can take a serious toll on your knee joints. High heels tend to force the knee joints to withstand approximately 25-30% more pressure and strain compared to walking barefoot. So, discard all the high heels immediately! Instead, opt for the comfortable shoes that contain cushiony paddings. Certain brands such as Reebok, Nike, etc. have an exciting range of shoe collections. Such shoes might be on the pricier side, but you should not hold back from buying them if you really love your legs.

  • Eating Healthy is Mandate –

Healthy food should top your priority list, if you are looking to ‘better’ the overall health and functionalities of your knee. Start including milk, soy milk or yoghurt to your daily diet to fulfill your calcium requirements. Consider munching on some knee-friendly fruits including, orange, kiwi, grapefruit, papaya, and the likes. The Vitamin-C enriched fruits can protect and support knee joints like none other.

Finally –

Imagine the kind of wears and tears your knee joints have gone through over the years. So, be nice to them. A habit of daily walking can add to the collagen creation of your bones. Eat healthy so you don’t end up putting on a lot of weight. Work out to keep your legs strong and healthy in the long run. Last, but not the least, contact a renowned orthopedic doctor to check whether or not your joints are doing fine. There are already a large number of orthopedic doctors in Kolkata. Finding the best expert from this huge cluster could be a little confusing. This is where Haarway comes into play. With the reliable and cost-efficient services of Haarway, you can find the best orthopedic expert at the location of your preference.

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