Summer Special Clothing Trends to Gain Popularity in 2020

Summer Special Clothing Trends to Gain Popularity in 2020

Summer Special Clothing Trends to Gain Popularity in 2020

Did you know that your life may not be perfect, but your clothing choices could still be? Summer is just around the corner and the temperature has already begun to soar in Kolkata. You can no longer don those warm and woolen outfits. The cold months are about to bid adieu with the scorching heat of summer gearing up to set in. So, it’s high time that you filled your closet with summer-appropriate clothing. Haarway has come up with a bunch of summer-friendly outfit ideas in this write-up. Make sure to enlist them in your shopping list for 2020. Take a look –

  • Breezy and Comfy Clothes –

The body-cone or well-fitted clothes are no longer in trend. Their popularity has been swapped by the comfortable clothes. During the hot months, everyone should prioritize comfort over aesthetic. Sink in the summer vibes with loose-fitted outfits like oversized ganjies, flared skirts, cotton pants, jumpsuits, palazzos, and the likes. Keep things easy-breezy yet trendy.

  • Try Out Maxi Dresses –

You are living under the rock if you are a millennial and haven’t donned a maxi dress yet! Maxi dresses are fun and fashionable. From a party to a movie-night and a candle-light dinner, a maxi dress can be worn at every place. To add some quirk to an otherwise simple maxi dress, opt for different accessories such as belt, ear ring, bangle, bag, etc.

  • Vests are Worth a Try –

The vests or ganjis will gain their true values in 2020. Vests are casual yet stylish, fun yet fashionable. From a Sunday brunch to a gym and a café – vests can be your go-to outfit for almost all the places. Considering the hot and humid tropical weather of India, vests could be an ideal option for those for whom comfort matters the most. The best part is that vests are available in different designs, cuts, and patterns. Pick a vest according to the type of your body. To wear a vest in the best way, team that up with a loose cape, cotton jacket, etc. To make a fashion statement, pair up your vest with a pair of ripped jeans or denim shorts. You will blaze brighter than the Sun, for sure!

  • Go for Whites –

It won’t be wrong to consider white exclusive to summer.  Although, hues like pastel, pink, peach, etc. have ruled the previous years, white is expected to take 2020 by storm. White is an eternally elegant color that suits almost every body type and skin tone. Given its pristine beauty, a white dress can be worn anywhere, anytime. To look like a fresh breath of summer breeze, pair up your white outfit with some fresh flowers tucked in your side braid or messy bun.

  • Laces are Ever-Green –

Sheers and laces are sophisticated and stylish. These are super comfortable as well. This summer, make sure to upgrade your closet with a bunch of lacy outfits. Choose bright colors like blue, magenta or red to make your attire look stunningly stylish.

The Bottom Line

Kolkata has come so far in terms of its fashion choices. As a result to this, a number of shopping malls or designer stores have popped up in the city. To find a renowned shopping complex at your preferred location, you can rely on Haarway. Being one of the best business listing service providers, Haarway will help you a good shopping complex without charging you even a penny.




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