The Best Non-Romantic Cinemas to Watch If You are Single

The Best Non-Romantic Cinemas to Watch If You are Single

The Best Non-Romantic Cinemas to Watch If You are Single


The much-awaited Valentine’s Day is just a few days apart. The excitement of all the lovey-dovey couples must have reached another height altogether. However, V-day brings a gamut of emotions for the singles as well – the sad ones, indeed! Are you single, too? Are not you feeling that special in this Month of Love? It’s time that you indulged in some self-care. What’s better than watching a good movie on a V-day? Here are some non-romantic movies that you may watch out to make the most of your singlehood. Take a look –

Logan –

Logan is a superhero movie. For someone, who has a natural affinity towards action-packed movies, watching a world-famous movie like Logan could be a brilliant idea. Despite being an action-oriented cinema, Logan has earned a lot of adulations from every nook and corner of the world. This is a highly commendable installement for the X-men series.

Baywatch –

Since the moment the trailer of Baywatch dropped by, the audiences worldwide went bonkers over the movie. It is a goofy and action-packed cinema. This offbeat cinema is an ideal watch for those, who don’t like to watch a hard-core super-hero movie. If you are a die-hard fan of Zac Efron, don’t give this movie a miss. Baywatch should be watched by everyone, who has nothing to do with flowers, hearts or romance.

Raw –

Are you looking to take your heart off the distress-of-a-romantic-life, consider giving Raw a watch? It is a French horror flick. The content of this movie spans around a seemingly harmless vegetarian, who craves for human blood and fleshes! His cannibal-craving rears its head after he gets compelled to eat rabbit liver in a hazing ritual. Thanks to a number of positive reviews, Raw has become a cult cinema across the globe.

King Arthur –

Are you a die-hard fan of the ancient legendary? This cult masterpiece will transport your mind to a mythical world where the male protagonists have quest grander objectives. You should follow King Arthur since he searches for his destiny on mind-blowing and adventure-packed special effects. King Arthur will fill the hole, especially if you have missed out Game of Thrones.

Bridesmaids –

When you are in love, others’ weddings could seem like a dream. On the contrary, if you are single, the marriage-oriented movies may feel like a torture in your heart. Bridesmaid is a freakishly funny cinema. Unlike the other conventional romantic movies, Bridesmaid has the right dosage of fun, excitement, and romance. Nothing can perk you up more this V-day than celebrating the pre-nuptial chaos which is Bridesmaids.

Get Out –

Being one of the best cinemas, Get Out has created a strong ripple all around the world. Haven’t watched this movie yet? Make sure to give this cinema a watch without making any delay. This Oscar-nominated horror flick is a perfect watch for those who love thrillers over everything. Get ready to be chilled to the fullest.

Final Word

These movies are widely available on the Internet. So, you can easily download them and watch on Valentine’s Day. To jazz up the whole experience, bring home your favourite snacks from the best restaurant near you.

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Happy Valentine’s Day, in advance!




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