Things You Must Avoid Doing Soon After Having Food

Things You Must Avoid Doing Soon After Having Food

Things You Must Avoid Doing Soon After Having Food


There is no lack of bad eating habits amongst us. Habits such as taking afternoon nap, sipping water while having a meal or munching on a fruit right after lunch are terribly wrong! In this following blog, we will enlist a few wrong habits that we should immediately chuck post having a meal. All the facts shared by this blog are taken from the best dietitian in Kolkata. So, all these information are 100% authentic and trust-worthy. Take a look –

  • It is good to be watchful of what you eat. But, it’s even more important to watch out what you do after having a meal. There are many people out there who love taking a nap after having lunch. You need to chuck this habit immediately! Afternoon naps can make you gain weight very quickly. In the long run, this habit may wreak a havoc on your health and overall well-being.


  • Doing exercise on a daily basis is beneficial for our health. The most appropriate time for working out is early morning. You may work out in the evening if you are not an early bird. But, make sure to take a gap of a minimum 4-5 hours after taking a meal to reap optimum benefits of doing exercise. Working out with a full tummy will lead to lethargy and stomach issues.


  • Do you love late night dinners? Make sure to chuck all the emotions related to this dangerous habit! Hitting bed right after dinner could give you acid influx, thereby leading to a lot of discomfort and digestion issues. Ensure that you are taking the last meal of the day before 9 pm. Besides improving your metabolism, this habit will strengthen your appetite as well.


  • According to the best dietitian of Kolkata, it’s a wrong habit to drink water right after taking a meal. Our saliva aids in digestion besides killing bad bacteria in our food. Drinking water soon after having a meal could hamper this process. You should drink water after 30-45 minutes of your meal.


  • Eating fruits have manifold health benefits. Did you know that munching on fruits soon after a heavy meal is not good for the health? Empty stomach is the best time to eat fruits. However, refrain from eating citrus fruits in an empty stomach. It takes different enzymes to digest a fruit. Munching on fruits soon after eating may lead to heartburn, indigestion, acidity, etc.


  • Ask the tea lovers how much they love sipping piping-hot tea post lunch or even dinner. They may fall short of words to describe their weakness for a cup of tea! However, the tannic acid present in tea can ruin the iron and protein content of a meal. It prevents absorption of the important nutrients of food that are needed by our body.


There are many other wrong food habits, which you should chuck to ensure a healthy living. There’s a famous adage saying, “You are what you eat.” A healthy life begins with a proper diet. To improve your diet, you must get in touch with a renowned dietitian in Kolkata. To find a professional dietitian near you, you can count on Haarway. Being a popular business listing company of Kolkata, Haarway will help you find a good dietitian at the location of your preference.




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