Top 10 Free Business Listing Sites To Boost Your Online Presence

free business listing sites

Did you know local business listing websites are one of the most effective ways of promoting your business? Unlike the traditional business directories, they aren’t just a list of business names, addresses, and contact numbers. Along with increasing your digital awareness, it helps you with:

  • Enhancing your SEO
  • Improving your social presence
  • Improving brand credibility with genuine views
  • Increasing the website traffic and engagements
  • Increasing your business sales

If you are in search of top business listing platforms in 2021 to boost your online presence, this article is a boost for you. Starting from what is business listing to why go for business listing to where to list your business, you will find it all together over here.

What is Online Business Listing?

Business listing is an online profile of businesses where one can find their business details. A general business listing consists of a business name, address, and phone number (NAP). These are the 3 basic pieces of information that a person looks for before availing of any service or making a purchase.

For every business, having a local presence is vital to expand yourself. With every new listing you create, your chances of increasing your brand awareness increases. Many business listing sites curate information from top business listing sites and present them cumulatively. The more accurate information you give and the more visible you are over the web, your chances of ranking in the search engine's top search take a flight.

The Must-Haves for Business Listing

  • Business Name
  • Local Phone Number
  • Physical/ Online Address
  • Business Verification

Prime Reason to go for Business Listing

While listing your business, you mention your business category and the main keyword. This helps you with keyword ranking in SERP. Once you share your business NAP with Google, Google trusts you. Hence, it prioritizes your website over competitive websites, which increases your website’s reach and traffic.

Thereby, business listing not only improves your online awareness but also increases your website ranking.

Why Go For Business Listing?

Opting for local listing is equivalent to expanding your market. Just like the offline world, you expand your wings to more markets for more sales; the more you list on different sites, the more you increase your sales.

  1. Improve your local presence: People search for relevant business or service providers in their area for the particular niche. Making use of their filter options and suggestions of the business listing sites, you have a higher chance of becoming visible to the targeted local audience in your area.
  2. Multiply your online visibility: Listing your business with top business listing sites increases your chance of being listed on other sites, which simply curates information from top sites and prepares the list. This way, your online visibility keeps multiplying.
  3. Improve your SEO: SEO is the key to progress for a website/ online business. Listing your business to a particular category and making a mark for a keyword helps your business rank better on Google.
  4. Connect with more customers: Customers are the biggest asset of any company, and the main goal is to reach more customers. Sharing your business details online increases the number of customer engagements in the form of calls/ messages/ email/ website click, etc.
  5. Increase brand awareness: The moment a person searches for any particular business on a business listing site, they get a list of the relevant business names. Even if the person doesn’t visit your site or click your business name, he/ she will see it. Coming to the notice of new people increases your brand awareness who can be your potential customer in the future.
  6. Strengthen your online authority: Seeing your business name listed on free sites makes customers believe your business is authentic and legitimate. The more they click, the more your ranking improves on search engines.
  7. Attract people via ratings & reviews: People of the current age go by ratings and reviews. They do not believe your appraisal from your mouth. Listing gives people the freedom to provide their feedback to your brand. The higher you rank on the scale, the more customers you attract.

Now, when you know the perks of business listing, let’s see top sites to list your business to boost your online presence.

Popular Business Listing Sites to get Started with

  1. Google My Business:

    Google is the most widely used search engine. Customers use Google on their smartphones and laptop for anything they are looking for. Listing your business with “Google My Business” helps you show yourself on Google Search and Google Maps, thereby increasing your online presence to the maximum.
  2. Glassdoor:

    It is a rising review site trusted by job seekers. Seeing the number of job seekers visiting Glassdoor every hour makes it an effective business listing site to list yourself. Sharing your business details, photos, and products may help you attract more customers as Google search shows Glassdoor profiles.
  3. Yelp:

    Yelp business listing platform is one of the most used listing sites by small and upcoming business owners. Yelp business listing comes with creating a custom profile on Yelp, free communication with customers, and advertising. You will be glad to know that Yelp listings are trusted and recommended by Alexa and Siri.
  4. Haarway:

    Haarway is a rising business listing platform with hundreds of categories and thousands of businesses listed. Expanding its reach on Google, listing yourself for free on Haarway gives you the advantage of showing up on Google’s first page.
  5. Angi:

    This free listing site for the category “Home and Healthcare” is a must entry for you if you belong to this industry. Filtering out unwanted and anonymous reviews from their page, presenting only genuine and useful feedback and reviews about a business makes user trust Angi.
  6. Facebook:

    Facebook is the most popularly used social media platform. From young to mid-age to adults, almost everyone is on Facebook. Create a Facebook business account and a business page to make it to the Facebook listing. Listing yourself in the relevant Facebook market and sharing photos/ updates in different groups, you can increase your sales via Facebook,
  7. Instagram:

    Not exactly a business directory or a listing site, but the hashtags of Instagram can be a game-changer. Using the industry-specific hashtags with eye-catchy pictures, you grab the attention of approx.. 180 million Instagram users in India. Imagine converting 1% of it to customers for your business!
  8. YellowBot:

    YellowBot is a free business listing site that not allows the customers to share their ratings and reviews about a business but also pulls in customer feedbacks from other platforms. This makes people trust your presence on YellowBot as it is a mix of your entire digital reputation.
  9. CitySearch:

    As the name suggests, CitySearch is a local city guide. Being used by tourists and the local people for finding anything in the city from food to fitness to entertainment to technology to shopping; listing on CitySearch is a must.
  10. FourSquare:

    Though a social platform, listing your business on FourSquare amplifies your online presence. Powering location data for big companies like Apple, Uber, Twitter, Microsoft, and so on; listing on FourSquare you automatically make it up to their customers.


Take your first step by creating an online campaign on free business listing sites to boost your local online presence. Business listing is the best cost-effective measure to amplify your online presence.

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