Top 6 Kids’ Party Themes to Try in 2022

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“Children are like flowers. They bloom when showered with love.”

Your child is special! When was the last time when you made your munchkin feel special? Can’t remember? Keep jogging your memory. Refrain from calling those eating out plans, reading-bedtime stories together, or pruning plants together “special!” Maybe, you should plan out a fun party for your munchkins to gift them a whale of a time. To arrange the party, consider taking professional event planners and service experts in Kolkata on board.

Since the time Covid-19 has got its claw into our lives, our lives got turned upside down. No outdoor activities, no mingling with friends, etc. – Covid surge is sucking the life out of us! Just like us, our kids are suffering, too. Offline classes, prolonged use of computers, mobile addition – children are dealing with a lot!

To lighten up the situation, and bring a broad smile to the face of your child, the least you can do is arrange a get-together with his/her friends. If your munchkin’s birthday is knocking on the door, you can host a party at home, and invite his/her friends and their parents to celebrate the special day in a special way.

In the below-mentioned excerpt, we have dug out some kids’ party trends, that are expected to hold the popularity ground in 2022 and even beyond!

Have a look –

1. Cotton Candy Theme

Children go gaga over colorful, yummy cotton candies! If your munchkin loves cotton candies, you can choose a candy-themed party. Don’t forget to make use of colorful balloons, lots of candies, etc. to jazz up the entire theme.

2. Pokémon Theme

Children have a special thing for Pokémon! If your little one likes Pokémon, you may host a party around a Pokémon theme. Ask the experts to make use of poke ball-shaped cakes, Pikachu-shaped cupcakes, and loads of colorful balloons to spruce up the ambiance of the party.

3. Art Party

Want to go out of the box? If yes, then consider arranging a messy art party for your kid and his/her gang! Everything you require is just an open backyard, just a bunch of drawing boards, colored pencils, watercolor, markers, sketch pens, markers, etc.

Ask the kids to draw or paint or doodle on the blank boards. Allow them to play with watercolor, and arrange a pipe to wash out all of them once they’re done playing. End the party with some yummy snacks.

4. Mermaid Party

If it’s you’re throwing a party for your daughter dear, you may host a mermaid party. So, the theme would revolve around an under-the-sea theme. Ask your daughters’ friends to dress as mermaids. You may fix a color code or a specific mermaid dress code, too! Custom-order a sea-creature or seashell-themed cake.

Choose a whitewashed or pastel-shaded shabby-chic décor. Deck up the party room with candles, sweets, seashells, mermaid barbie dolls, etc. Hire professionals offering balloon decoration services to pick from balloons of different colors, patterns, designs, etc.

5. Pirate Party

Perfect for your junior scalawag, a pirate-themed party would be a big hit whatsoever! Ask all the children to dress up like parties. Let them loot toy ship-shaped piñatas that you can fill in with loads of exciting gifts, candies, chocolates, and more. For the purpose of decoration, you can make use of maps, toy ships, pirate flags, and the like. To tickle their tastebuds, arrange yummy snacks, cold drinks, pastries, and the likes.

6. Ice-cream Party

If you’re planning to host a party anytime during summer, you may choose an ice-cream theme to “up” the cool quotient of the celebration. The temperature is soaring outside! A party offering your kids and gang a chance to gorge on ice-creams will be a big hit. You may make ice-creams at home. Otherwise, you can order some from any nearby ice cream store.

Prioritize Hiring Professional Event Planners

Even if it’s a kids’ party, you should always assign the responsibility to a crew of skilled and experienced event planners to plan and arrange the celebration. Hosting or planning a party is a huge task, which involves executing every minuscule detail to perfection when staying aligned with your budget and needs. Whether you’re looking to throw a small party or a big celebration, you should turn to the experts to ensure that everything is executed with perfection.

The best birthday party planners in Kolkata are capitulated to plan and host any high-end event management solutions by catering to their customers’ demands to the last detail. From ideation to completion, from budgeting to planning décor to managing guests – these experts will take care of everything!

So, what are you still waiting for? Go ahead, and spot the best party planners and decorators of Kolkata to make your kids’ party the talk of the town!

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