11 Tips for Keeping Your Bike in Good Condition in Rainy Season

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For bike riders, the rainy season can be both exciting and hard. Riding in the rain is lovely but considerably more challenging for bike clean services. The most challenging aspect of all is maintaining the bike. You need to take good care of the overall upkeep of your two-wheeler if you are looking forward to a smooth and hassle-free ride during the rainy season.

During the monsoon, your bike needs the same attention as you do. You don't want your bike to 'fall ill' while the rain Gods are showering you affectionately, do you? Here are some pointers to maintain your bike in excellent condition throughout this punishing season.

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Bikes Safe in Monsoon

1. Coat the surface

A ceramic coating is another option to keep moisture away from your bike. These coatings can be applied in a garage or a service centre.

2. Scheduled Checks

Before riding in the rain, routine service and check-ups on the bike should be performed. If your bike stops in severe weather, life might become quite tricky. If you have had your regularly scheduled service, there isn't much you need to check on the engine.

3. Cover Your Bike

Unlike four-wheelers, two-wheelers are always exposed to inclement weather. Water accumulates in numerous places on the bike while not riding it. This can result in long-term problems like corrosion and electrical failures. As a result, it is preferable to keep your bike covered at all times or park it beneath a shed.

4. Test the Tires

Before the monsoons approach, ensure your tyres are equipped for the heavy rainfall, muddy and slippery roads, abrupt braking, and so on. Tyres generally carry the vehicle at any speed; any problems with them will directly impact the vehicle's performance and may result in a road accident. To get them examined, go to your local garage or authorized repair center.

5. Check the Brakes

Controlling your bike on a wet road is challenging enough or may be deadly. It is especially vital to keep your brakes in good condition on wet roads since you cannot brake forcefully or quickly. Additionally, ensure that there is enough break oil. If your bike has drum brakes, ensure sure they are clean from the inside and that the brake shoes/pads are in good condition.

6. Change the Air Filter

Adventure motorbike owners recommend changing the air filter every 15000 kilometers. When you're riding style and the conditions are aggressive. It is strongly recommended to perform a quick check-up every 2500-3500 kilometers or after a long adventurous rain ride. A similar strategy may be taken with high-end bikes.

7. Take Care of the Engine

The engine might become stuck in the rain if the motorcycle is wet for an extended period. In rains, the electric system frequently short-circuits, resulting in the bike not starting. To address this issue, avoid riding your bike in the rain as much as possible. It is especially vital to look after the engine, so it does not become wet while riding in the rain.

8. Put on a Helmet

Along with bike maintenance, the monsoon season is an excellent time to practice self-preservation. While wearing a helmet is always vital, it is especially crucial during the rainy season. Wear safety equipment whenever you ride your bike. You must wear a helmet, knee pads, and a raincoat when riding in the rain.

9. Prevent Corrosion

If the bike's hinges and levers rust, it will reduce its performance. Rusting was a much bigger problem in the past than it is now. Most motorcycles today have fibre-reinforced bodies that prevent corrosion. However, the bike's primary metal frame needs further protection, which an inexpensive anti-rust coating layer may provide.

10. Ensure Complete Servicing

Search for a "bike cleaning near me" for good two-wheeler maintenance, as a thorough bike service is suggested. This involves changing the engine oil and brake fluid and ensuring that your headlight/taillight is not faulty or prone to water seepage. Get your chain cleaned and oiled before the rains arrive.

11. Maintain Complete Coverage

It's a good idea to review your bike's insurance coverage and ensure it's up to date. During the monsoon season, the chance of accidents, natural disasters, and other hazards to your bike increases. As a result, it is critical to maintain complete coverage.

Get Your Bike Monsoon Ready!!

You must maintain your vehicle at all times, regardless of the season. Taking care of your bike will be profitable in the long run, especially if you want to sell it.

A bike in good condition will get you a friendly price when you sell it. If your bike is adequately maintained, you will also be smart enough to avoid blunders or accidents.

Ensure you observe the traffic regulations and ride without losing attention to protect yourself and the bike. Purchasing the proper riding gear will also improve the bike's performance.

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