Omicron Symptoms You Need to be Aware of

Omicron Symptoms

In the year 2020, a new virus was introduced to the world, which changed the lives of millions of people. After struggling with the virus for nearly two years, a new Omicron variant got introduced, which did nothing but intensify the fear of people getting infected. Already for a very long time, people have been forced to stay locked inside their houses and maintain a large number of restrictions, and Omicron has arrived and made things substantially worse. People were slightly lightened after taking both the vaccine doses until this new threat came.                                     

After Corona, Omicron is spreading among people at no lesser speed, making it even more dangerous, as it can affect a large group of people around the world quickly. According to reports by medical experts worldwide, Omicron is around three times more transmissible than Covid. In India, in a short time, the total number of cases rose to 1700. Currently, Maharashtra is said to be most affected by this particular variant.

Omicron is a mutated version of Corona and has similar characteristics to that of the original variant. They are even different from them in certain specific ways. To deal with this virus properly, you need to have a clear idea of its symptoms. However, before diving deep into its symptoms, you must be informed about some things about this variant. Let us take a quick look at all these critical details.

Important Details About Omicron

Doctors and specialists worldwide are doing studies on this particular variant of Corona to understand it as deeply as possible and protect people against it. Researchers in South Africa are doing studies on Omicron and sharing the results of those studies with the rest of the world to make them aware of the same.

  • Severity

There are no precise observations about the exact severity of the virus or if they are in any way more dangerous than the other variants. According to reports, a lot of people are getting affected. In South Africa, the number of affected people, is also very high, but according to experts, the reason for that can be that a lot of people are getting involved at the same time.

  • Transmission Rate

Studies are undergoing in various parts of the world to understand how much transmissible the particular variant is. Currently, there is no solid evidence that Omicron can get transmitted faster than its other variants.

  • Vaccine Effectiveness

Experts at WHO are researching how much effective a vaccine is going to prove in the case of Omicron. Even if Omicron symptoms show, will the option of taking a vaccine be viable? This is the question medical experts around the world are baffled by.

  • Test Effectiveness

The process of creation of tests is already underway for Omicron. New quizzes are being planned and developed constantly, but because they have not been released to the public yet, it cannot be concluded how effective they are in detecting this particular variant.

  • Benefits of current treatments

According to medical experts, Corticosteroids and IL6 receptor blockers will prove very helpful for all those patients who are suffering from a severe case of Covid 19. Many treatments are also being developed, and the effectiveness of these treatments for Omicron will be gradually assessed and announced.

So in the above section, you must have already been clear about the updates about Omicron. How to deal with a relatively new virus. Experts around the world have also recommended various steps for different countries. As per their recommendations, anyone needs to take care of all the measures meant to keep them safe from the virus. This instruction is valid for both the vaccinated and non-vaccinated civilians.

Thus, being vaccinated twice is going to only work in your favor. According to a statement by Adar Poonawalla in an NDTV interview, "The message for all - and a priority - is for everyone to get the two doses of the vaccine. That is the first step to staying protected. Only after that can one enhance that safety with boosters over the next year. The focus of the government must remain to get everyone double vaccinated." Therefore, vaccination is a key, no matter which variant of Covid is looming around.

Critical Symptoms of Omicron

The dangerous nature of this particular variant of the virus has already been discussed, and now it is time to talk about a situation in which you may need to contact 24 hours ambulance services in Kolkata. You need to be aware that the affected person often does not show intense symptoms, so make sure you take a step the moment you notice the slightest sign.

Understand initially that it is not essential that the symptoms of Omicron need to be similar to that of Covid, just because the former is a variant. Among the noticed symptoms are:

Mild Fever: This is not a kind of fever that takes your body temperature up at an alarming rate. This is just a mild fever, where at maximum, you feel a bit of weakness and light-headedness. The best part is, you do not have to undergo any treatment or take any medicine for this. With time, it will go away on its own.

Fatigue: This is another noticeable symptom of Omicron. People affected will often feel tired and will not like doing any physical activity. This is a ubiquitous symptom.

Itchy Throat: Another common symptom of Omicron is a scratchy throat. You will constantly feel like scratching your throat and may also feel difficult to swallow food.

Body Ache: Another prevalent symptom of Omicron, which was also common among Covid patients. It's an occasional body ache, which feels excruciating, but does not last very long at a stretch. You would never need to inform the 24-hour hospital services in Kolkata for this, as like the fever, it too goes away on its own.

Staying Informed About Omicron is Critical

The above article will help you stay informed about the current situation that exists all around due to the arrival of Omicron into the spectrum. This is a new variant, and it will take doctors time to conclude this one, but gradually, with time, discoveries will constantly be made about Omicron. You may need medicines from time to time, so if you feel you have symptoms, keep handy a 24-hour pharmacy service in Kolkata.

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