What Skills are Needed as an Event Planner to Survive Covid-19?

Event Planner in Kolkata

The term 'City of Joy' is sufficient to reflect the importance this city places on its festivals. Kolkata, one of the country's oldest metropolitan cities, has always been a bustling metropolis. 

With the city's hustle-bustle keeping the residents on their toes, they scarcely have enough time to arrange their weddings properly on the edge of Covid-19, but this hasn't made the events in the city any less magnificent, thanks to the great event planners in Kolkata.

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to disrupt practically every area of our lives and enterprises, event professionals have swiftly evolved new skill sets to keep their businesses viable. Here we have enlisted the top skills, qualities, and knowledge bases that are essential at the edge of the pandemic.

What are the Top Skills an Event Planner Should Possess?

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to disrupt practically every area of our lives and enterprises, event professionals have swiftly evolved new skill sets to keep their businesses viable.

As a service-based business where you're effectively "selling" your knowledge, the long-term success of an event planning firm will be defined by your (the event planner's) or your team's abilities and experience.
Here are a few skills that the best event and wedding planner in Kolkata must have to manage a successful soiree even amidst this pandemic:

Event Ideation and Planning

It is important to consider any health and safety laws that may pertain, such as social distance and vaccination programs, when organizing and administering COVID events.

With social distancing in mind, in-person gatherings should be planned with other safety measures like hygiene and sanitation. This can result in increased expenses and difficulties, but it is unavoidable in this COVID event planning age.

However, this may be an opportunity for creative event planners and experts to gain a competitive edge through inventive event concepts created with health and safety in mind.

Taking Use of Chances in Hybrid Events

In addition to the preceding, event planners must understand how to exploit hybrid events: when should an event be organized as a hybrid event rather than totally in-person or completely virtual? How can they assure that both attendees have equivalent levels of experience?

A hybrid event, as we all know, is a sort of event that permits in-person participants to gather at a real location and virtual guests to join the event online. While this appears to be a win-win situation for everyone at first look, the practicalities of holding a hybrid event can be easier said than done. When not handled correctly, it can reduce the value of both guests.

Budgeting and Financial Forecasting

Running a business may be expensive, and there will be considerable expenses and fees along the road that you may not be aware of at first. This is why it's ideal for planning your budget as early as possible, taking into account minor issues like taxes, license fees, insurance prices, and so on. Before calculating your budget, be sure to conduct a comprehensive study.

Using Technology to Manage Your Event Planning

It is not simple to run an event organizing firm. It would help if you dealt with various business elements, and the larger the company, the more complex this becomes.

This is where you should use technology to simplify your processes and, if feasible, automate parts of them to make them faster, more precise, and less prone to human mistakes.

Here are some tools and solutions to think about:

  • An all-in-one event management software may assist you in managing all aspects of your event, such as managing your team's cooperation, monitoring event timings, and managing sponsor connections.
  • Because email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to promote an event planning firm, you should invest in a dependable email marketing platform.
  • Use a tool to deal with digital contracts, becoming more widespread in the post-COVID era.
  • An accountancy solution.
  • A platform for managing integrations between all of these different technologies,

And much more.

How to Develop Your Online Strategy?

Before the worldwide pandemic, having a robust online presence was crucial for any business. With the epidemic causing more people to be more active online, developing an online presence is more important than ever.

To be successful, your event planning company must concentrate on developing an internet presence in three key areas:

Your Webpage

A professional-looking website can assist your clients in understanding that you are a reputable, competent, and trustworthy event planning company. Remember that customers will only employ your service if they believe they can trust you.

The Internet of Things

You should market your event planning company on social media. How, though, is the question?

Creating a social media presence entails striking the correct balance between three different options:

  • Organic: gaining your fans by releasing your material regularly (for example, intriguing updates on your events).
  • Paid: using paid options provided by social media networks (i.e., Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads).
  • Influencer: collaborating with appropriate influencers who can help you promote your event planning business (i.e., your speakers).

SEO for Local Businesses

While an event planning business isn't inherently local (customers might come from other locations and even different countries), it won't harm to improve your Google Maps presence to attract more local clients.

We can accomplish this in four simple steps:

  • Claim and validate your Google Maps/Google My Business listing
  • Focus on giving accurate and thorough information for your users while optimizing your Google My Business Listing.
  • Creating local citations by listing your event planning company as the top "party planner in Kolkata" on relevant web directories.
  • Increasing the number of reviews from existing customers, particularly on Google Maps and other relevant review platforms.

The Final Thoughts

While organizing events in Kolkata might be complex, especially in this unpredictable COVID-19 era, it will be a thrilling moment that will be well worth it in the long run.

So, use the opportunity to arrange your events, build an online presence, and attract clients.

We hope this guide has helped address any questions you may have about the abilities required to run a successful event planning firm. You can start planning, setting up, and running your profitable event planning business in no time if you follow the advice we've offered above.

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