5 Effective Tips for Appropriately Shooting a Bengali Wedding

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The wedding day holds a lot of value for the couple and how their moments are captured is crucial to them. This is why every couple tries to hire one of the best wedding photographers in Kolkata to capture their wedding moments in the best way possible.

India is a country that houses a large variety of cultures, traditions, and ethnicities. Each of those includes an exclusive set of wedding rituals. Each tradition has a significance of its own in every culture.

Couples want their photographers to use the best gadgets and equipment to record their special day with serenity, commitment, and dedication. At a Bengali wedding, there are multiple traditions, the scene of which needs to be appropriately recorded.

If you are a photographer and have been hired to shoot a Bengali wedding for the first time, then this article will help you. Here we will discuss five tips you need to remember while shooting a Bengali wedding, or any wedding for that matter. These tips will help you perfectly capture the most important moments and help your clients record beautiful memories.

Five Tips That Will Help You Ace Bengali Wedding Photography

1. Understand the Lighting

We do not use cameras that have negative film any longer. However, digital photography still depends significantly on how light reacts to the subject and the surroundings. You must learn to see the light to click good photographs and shoot great videos.

When you look at a particular spot, you need to identify and differentiate the shadows from the highlights, as these will greatly impact the photos you take, especially in daylight. The people looking at the image will be more attracted to the highlighted section, so try your best to place the subject in the highlighted area.

2. Visualize an Image Before Clicking It

Suppose you are at a wedding taking photographs. In that case, you will not get much time before clicking every photo, as you will have to capture every aspect of the event. However, there will be some pictures, in some specific locations, of the bride and groom that will crave a few extra seconds.

During this time, you need to see the background and create a visual picture in your mind about how the image is going to turn out. Be it in broad daylight or in artificial light, visualizing the picture will help you understand if you need to make any changes to the pose, the background, or the lighting. Visualizing will help you get a better picture, even through multiple attempts.

3. Know Your Equipment

When you are making a strategy to click the best-looking pictures at a wedding, remember that you will only have a few minutes to do so after you reach the venue. You will most likely not have the time to adjust the settings on your camera to match the lighting and scenery present in the venue.

Even if you have purchased new gear for your shoot, you must adjust all the necessary settings before the event. You also need to know how to navigate through the settings in your camera. After you reach the venue, you will only have time to shift from one setting to another and click pictures, whether a setting is appropriate for a specific scene, that you need to know before you reach the wedding.

4. The Spot-Metering Mode

This is an excellent strategy and is helpful if you do not have much experience in shooting weddings. As we mentioned earlier, every wedding is different; accordingly, the setting and lighting vary as well. As a newcomer, you may feel that the lighting is not at your support one fine day.

Instead of getting nervous at that moment, you can use the spot metering mode of the camera and focus on the faces of the bride and groom. The best benefit is that the background will blow out or be underexposed. Still, if you capture the faces properly, you can salvage the image later to make it look iconic.

5. Maintain the Mood

A couple hires a candid wedding photographer in Kolkata to ensure that when they look at the images years later, they are instantly brought back to the events that took place that day. So it is your responsibility that you capture it as it happened. You need to maintain the mood of the event.

You will need to use extra lights to highlight specific areas, but do overdo it. If a wedding venue is brightly lit, understand the couple wants the pictures to look dramatic, so go creative with lighting and capture the scene's essence.

Capture Moments Everybody Will Cherish

As a photographer, you are responsible for clicking the best pictures possible at a Bengali wedding. The couple is going to go through your photographs for years. Click them in a way that they smile every time they see them.

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