5 Things to Consider When Choosing Professional Wedding Planners

Professional Wedding Planners

Trust us, it takes a lot of permutations and combinations to bring two people together, and a thousand others to make their wedding unique. A marriage – be it a big-fat celebration or an intimate function – is an experience of a lifetime for the couple and their families.  Are you tying the knot anytime sooner? To ensure that your dream wedding turns into a reality, you should hire the best wedding planner in Kolkata 

Wondering why do you need an expert to arrange, plan or host your D-day? Well, planning and managing an event like a wedding is a huge task, which involves executing minuscule details to perfection while remaining in sync with your budget and requirements. 

No exaggeration, but from seeking right venue to dealing with vendors to managing huge gatherings and coping with untoward situations, planning a marriage needs a perfect execution skill. It’s a hand-on-deck situation, every time. This is the reason why you need a skilled and experienced wedding planner.  

Only a crew of experienced wedding planners can provide you with an experience which is unique, memorably, and immaculately planned out and perfectly executed. They pledge to work with you by continuously improvising the ongoing marriage program while creating new ideas, reflecting your expectations and values.  

The City of Joy is filled to the brim with a number of wedding planners already! Among a thousand of event organizers claiming to fame, it’s challenging to spot someone who’s truly worth your time and trust.  

It’s not rocket science! And, it’s no big deal to crack either! All you need to do is abide by some of these following steps to ensure that you spot the best affordable wedding planners in Kolkata to arrange your D-day. Take a look – 

1. Research, Research, Research! 

Begin with conducting a thorough research. Google “top wedding organizers,” and get bombarded with a number of recommendations instantly. Subsequently, run your eyes through the websites of some of the reputed wedding organizers, based on their locations, customer reviews, ratings, and more 

Make sure that you invest adequate time to run a glance through at least a bunch of companies before you make any final decision.  

2. Recommendation Works Wonders  

Words of mouth can play a crucial role in helping you connect to the right experts. Start asking your family members, friends, and colleagues to seek recommendations. You may also start scrolling through different community posts, social media groups, etc. to seek reviews and feedbacks 

There are different wedding planners’ groups on virtual networking sites. You can check out these groups, drop your queries, your location preferences, etc. to seek proper recommendations.  

3. Fix a Meeting to Clear Your Doubts  

Once you’re done shortlisting a bunch of wedding planners of your preference, it’s time for badgering them with some crucial questions. It’s advisable that you should encourage them to partake in a face-to-face meeting instead of any online video meeting to run the discussion.  

Make sure that you ask them about their experience, their forte, and their expertise. Don’t forget to shine a light on your own preferences and demands during this discussion. Jot down all your queries so that nothing slips your mind during the interview.  

4. Points to Ponder – Peek in Your Mind 

After your interview, just take a brief pause to recollect all your thoughts. Then start posing a couple of questions at yourself a. Did your and their personality go hand in hand? b. does the expert have the ability to fulfil your requisites? c. would they provide you with ample assistance in crafting your dream wedding celebration? 

If you nod in affirmation to all these questions, then go ahead and finalize on the experts right away. Just run a bit of research on them via their official website and customer reviews page to ensure that your choice is bang on!    

5. Ask About How Much They Charge  

Once you have selected a wedding planner, you must ask them about their charge. You need an expert who charges a fixed rate so that you won’t get into a tizzy by their remuneration based on their hourly work 

Ensure that you’re paying your vendors directly, not via any planner. The planners might charge extra commissions from the vendors. Also, you must ensure that the planners of your choice are asking for fixed and flat fees. This way you can save yourself from paying a bomb!  

Happy wedding! 

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