7 Must-Visit Places in Kolkata for New Year Celebrations

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It seems like only yesterday that we welcomed January 2022, and now we're at the end of the year. Given that we are already accustomed to a year that passes quickly, it might be prudent to begin planning for New Year 2023.

The customary new year pack includes food, wine, and companions. Still, it is time to explore the territory of night parties and greet 2023 with open arms. It is time to move beyond your ordinary small festivities and become a part of something greater, a community counting until the clock strikes 12 and celebrating the start of 2023 with enthusiasm and fire.

Here is a list of places in Kolkata to visit around New Year's Eve that provide a variety of alternatives, from a private celebration to bustling gatherings. Check them out and do book your tickets from your local service expert.

New Year's Eve with Amazing Party and Breeze

Burning Cool Café

The Burning Coal Cafe is a terrific spot to party and gets into the holiday mood. If the conditions are exactly right, with cool air and some crazy sounds, you might have a mind-blowing experience. You will be offered the greatest cuisine and beverages in town, and you may enjoy that Margarita at night while watching the fire crackle.

Capella, Skybar

The Capella- Constellation- NYE Celebration 2023 will surely be a night to remember. This 31st celebration in Kolkata promises to be magical and insane. All night long, dance and party to the thunderous sounds of grooving music until the sun rises. This will be one of the most unforgettable nights of your life.

Aqua Poolside Lounge Bar

Aqua Poolside Lounge Bar is another great venue to ring in the New Year 2023 in Kolkata. You can participate in the events that take place here. Enjoy the pool party, cocktails, and food. Get drunk and dance the night away at the spectacular Poolside Lounge Bar.

ITC Sonar Bangla

ITC Sonar Bangla provides tourists with a comprehensive New Year's package. They provide a meal, beverages, and music to entertain the visitors. They have a huge countdown followed by a celebration as we enter the new year. On New Year's Eve, you may pamper yourself with all the luxury, fine cuisine, and other amenities available at the resort.

Park Street

Park Street is one of the most active spots in Kolkata, and it never sleeps. From incredible shopping to all-night open pubs and nightlife. It is a fantastic location for a partygoer. If you are in Kolkata on New Year's Eve, you may not find a celebration comparable to the one here.

JW Marriott

At the venue, well-known singers perform. You may dance to the sounds of prominent DJs. Purchase your tickets and book your seat. Food and beverages are also available. Enjoy the moment by yelling the countdown with strangers and friends.


Bakstage is one of the city's most popular bars due to its upbeat music, active atmosphere, extensive drinks menu, excellent bar cuisine, happy hours, hookahs, and vibrant atmosphere. Their live music pulls the audience, and the chilled-out vibe is worth the money!

The City of Celebrations!

On New Year's Eve, the City of Joy is a joy to visit. The city is adorned with lights, and the air is charged with the contagious charm of festivities.

People of all ages enthusiastically enjoy the day, and the nightclubs come alive with colorful music playing all night. If you want to celebrate in-house parties, reach out to balloon decorators in Kolkata and decorate your place for a magical evening.

Do you intend to spend New Year's Eve in Kolkata? The drinks have been poured, and your pals have come; enjoy one of the city's most beautiful parties.

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