7 Top Online Medicine Delivery Apps in India

online medicine delivery in kolkata

Sick of heading all the way to your neighborhood pharmacy? Have you ever considered purchasing your medications from an online pharmacy or another website?

In the last several years, the breadth of internet buying has expanded dramatically, including establishing online pharmacies. Online pharmacies may provide the same services as physical pharmacies; many even offer bonuses such as special savings and overnight shipping. You don't have to wait in lengthy queues at many local sites.

With so many alternatives, it's easy to become overwhelmed when considering if an online pharmacy is best for you and your pharmaceutical requirements. Even if you decide to go online, whose online pharmacy should you go with?

We have done the homework, extensively investigating and assessing leading online medicine home delivery in Kolkata so you can make an informed selection.

Here are our top recommendations.

Get Your Medicines Delivered to Your Home with These Apps


Medlife is a one-stop shop for all of your medications. Just submit a valid prescription and confirm it over the phone to place an order. If the consumer does not have a prescription, they can consult with a 'Medlife doctor.' One may also schedule a Lab Test with them. iOS and Android are both supported.

Apollo Pharmacy

The company has launched its online pharmaceutical sales using mobile applications. The corporation has incorporated its influence in the medical industry by owning many hospitals and pharmacies. Its app offers doctor consultations and 24-hour medicine home delivery Kolkata. The app's platform provides a vast choice of medical items to place orders.


Practo is a well-known name in medical appointment scheduling and reviews. Practo has partnered with local pharmacy shops and pharmacies to deliver prescription medications to your house on time. The software allows you to submit your prescription using the phone's camera and quickly auto-refill the medications.


PharmEasy is one of India's greatest online pharmacies and healthcare websites, with delivery services available throughout the country. They have a variety of specials, and you may save up to 70% if you are lucky. Aside from items, they also allow you to cheaply schedule blood tests, diagnostic tests, and full-body check-ups.

Amazon Pharmacy

Amazon guarantees "no surprises" at the time of purchase and offers 30-day and six-month refill choices. It will negotiate with your physician and insurance provider to get your meds, and it has a pharmacist on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also claims to display pharmaceutical pricing upfront, allowing you to compare prices with and without insurance and Prime membership.

Flipkart Health+

The all-new Flipkart Health+ is an online medication delivery app to take your medicine purchasing experience to the next level. Flipkart Health+ is your one-stop shop for purchasing 100% authentic pharmaceuticals, healthcare & wellness items, beauty & personal care products, home care & hygiene products, over-the-counter (OTC) products, and medical equipment online.


Netmeds is the ideal destination to receive convenient and economic access to home delivery medicine Kolkata. The app's distinguishing feature sends you timely reminders to replenish your medications. This way, you may order with a single click while avoiding missing doses before ordering the following batch.

How to Choose an Online App for Medicines?

With billions of users, India's healthcare sector is massive. Online applications are popular because they provide basic features that help clients save time.

Pharmacies may increase their sales by collecting more orders through mobile apps. There are methods for locating a reputable internet pharmacy. These are the pharmacies:

  • A doctor's prescription is always required.
  • Provide your physical address and phone number.
  • Have a licensed pharmacist on staff to answer any queries you may have.

Another option to guarantee you're using a safe and legal online pharmacy is to look up the pharmacy's license in the state's board of pharmacy licensing database. If your online pharmacy is not mentioned, do not use it.

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