Décor Ideas to Quirk Up Your Kid’s Room

Kid's Room Decoration

Your munchkins are special to you. And, for them, their room is nothing short of a Disney Land! Just like any other corner of your space, your kids’ room needs some aesthetic uplift, too. Hence steps in the importance of hiring the best interior designers in Kolkata.

However, if you’re averse to shelling out big bucks on hiring professional interior decorators to deck up your kids’ room, we have some important tips and tricks to share with you.

With these simple yet effective tips, you can inject newness to the space of your children. And, this will help you save your bucks, too, as you will not require to opt for any kind of professional assistance or intervention to perk up your kids’ space.

Have a look –

1. Keep Indoor Plants

Bring your kid’s room to life with a lot of indoor plants. Adding a dash of greenery to the interior instantly induces freshness, injects colour in the space, and makes the ambiance much more calming. The visual impacts of green also enlivens a space, and helps regulate temperature.

2. Perk up the Wall

Perk up the walls of your kids’ room with the coats of bright hues. Colors like blue, pink, green, yellow, etc. will make your kids’ space look more vibrant and dynamic. Make sure that you invest in quirky and colorful wall accents and accessories to add an element of fun to the space.

3. Prioritize Convenience

If you want your kids to remain organized with their books, toys, and other stuffs, you need to emphasize investing in good organizers like wall cabinets, chest of drawers, coat racks, storage boxes, shelves, etc. To help your little ones keep their things neatly organized, you should keep their stuffs at a level of their height. Add colorful bin bag to the space, and ask your kids to dump their toys into that.

4. Paint It Up

One extremely effective way to spruce up a kid’s space is by adding some kinds of artistry to it. By using colorful paints that glows in the dark, you can add a dash of creativity and fun to your child’s room. Paint moon, stars, galaxy, etc. on the ceiling. When you turn off the lights at night, the ceiling will induce a subtle illuminating glow, and watch the “calm” quotient of your kids’ snooze haven to grow!

Win the Upholstery Game

Introducing soothing and comfy bedspreads is a mandate to buck up an otherwise dull-looking space. And, your kids’ room is no exception! Upgrade the curtains and cushions, not only in terms of motifs, designs or colors, but also shapes. Mix up the round-shaped cushions with the usual rectangles or squares. Play with different animated character motifs to get big on fun!

5. Chalkboards are Fun

More or less, every kid loves collecting things like postcards, pictures, soft toys, keyrings, etc. Encourage them to hang such collectibles on a white chalkboard. If they don’t like the idea of sticking their collectibles to a chalkboard, you may ask them to hang their stuffs from a window with the help of colorful strings.

6. Use Wall Stickers

Another fun way to light up any dull corner is by decking out the wall part with wall arts, crafts or stickers. From a local store or any online site, you can buy peel-and-stick, easy-to-use stickers. You can cut them up into different shapes, peel off the back part, and just stick that to a wall to create a quirky pin-up space.

7. Light It Up

Make sure that you’re making use of multiple sorts of lighting options to jazz up your kids’ space. Fairy lights lend a magical air to any space, and can make a really big difference. If budget isn’t your concern, you may install a quirky fixture light besides your little one’s bed, and glow up the overall ambiance.

Toy With Décor Ideas to Turn Your Kids’ Room into a Fun Den

If you are looking to do up your kids’ space with some more innovative and trendy ideas, it’s advisable that you should hire experienced experts from the best interior design company Kolkata. So, are you ready to bring some joy in the space of your little ones?

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