Eid 2021: Follow These Tips to Keep Yourself Safe

Eid 2021

Eid Al Fitr is considered the most important festival among the Muslim community. Every Muslim celebrates this festival with happiness and glee along with their family members. Moreover, this festival marks the end of Ramadan and fasting. This auspicious day falls on the first day of Shawwal month, and there’s no fast on that day.

This year, Eid Al Fitr will fall on 13 May, Thursday. But, Indian Muslims celebrate this day a day later than in Saudi Arabia. Thus, according to India, Eid will be celebrated on 14 May, Friday.

Since the pandemic, a huge gathering is strictly not allowed. Social distancing is the main rule in this new normal period. This blog will provide you with tips on how to keep yourself safe while celebrating this eventful day.

Hold A Virtual Party

The Covid safety guidelines don’t allow huge gatherings. You cannot visit your friends, family members and enjoy yourselves. What you can do during this time is host a virtual Iftar party. If everything is done online then why not celebrate Eid online.

Here is you can celebrate this festival via virtual mode:

1. First, create a meeting link for your guests to join.

2. Share the link to your family members, friends, colleagues, and other people whom you wish to invite.

3. Plan out a variety of events that you plan to host and celebrate online with each other.

5. Try contacting an online event planner via service listing portals to serve your purpose.

6. Let all the guests join via the meeting link.

7. Have a great iftar virtual party.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Connect with your loved ones right now.

Have Healthy Rich Food

Why don’t you try making healthy rich food for Eid? This day everybody looks out for delicacies and delights. While on Eid, most will be busy cooking for rich food items, why don’t you try adding some healthy foods that would boost you and your guests’ immunity power. During this pandemic period, it’s highly important to intake immunity-boosting food rather than unhealthy food.

Your dishes must include Vitamin C, fruits, and antioxidant-rich food items that would balance the feasting and ensure good health. Thus, if you hire a caterer, then make sure you tell them to include all the necessary vitamins and healthy food in your menu. 

Maintain Social Distancing

To survive in this new normal period, you strictly need to maintain social distancing. If you host an offline party, then your guests must follow social distancing guidelines. Every state or city has its own set of Covid safety guidelines. There is a limit to the number of guests you can call in your Eid party.

Try to be on the safe side; you can call a maximum of 50 guests if you plan on a huge event. But, if it’s a small one, keep it within 15 guests, including your family members. Additionally, you can also draw circles or place the venue chairs at 5 feet apart from each other.

Use of Masks and Sanitizers

Masks and sanitizers should are mandatory. Set a rule that all your guests must wear masks and join the Eid party. Without masks, it’s very unhealthy to have a gathering. Therefore, ensure that the wearing of masks is strictly followed. Do not ignore using sanitizers.

Masks and sanitizers should be used together. There should be frequent hand sanitization. Try setting up a sanitizer stand near the venue’s entrance. As the guests enter, they can sanitize their hands. You can also try gifting them back customized masks and sanitizers as a token of thanks.

Offer to Help the Poor

On this eventful day, communicate with your relatives and reach out to the poor to help them. Help the ones who need financial help and support. Eid is a festival of togetherness, love, and care. It will be a great option if you cater to the orphans.

During such a deadly time, it’s the poor people who need our help. Even if we can’t help a whole bunch of them, at least we can start with a few of them. The true celebration of Eid can only be achieved by spreading joy among all. So start by raising funds for them.

Wrap Up Time

As we have reached the end of this topic, you must consider that if you face any Covid symptoms refrain from hosting a party. Instead, you can just cling on to hosting a virtual party. So follow the above points to have an excellent and safe Iftar party. I hope this blog was beneficial for you. Have a great Eid celebration ahead.

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