Covid-19 Outbreak: 5 Food Items to Boost Your Immunity and Safeguard You from all Infections

immunity-boosting foods

The Coronavirus outbreak taught us the importance of our health and immunity power. An increased immunity power in our bodies helps us fight the deadly disease. Likewise, a healthy immune system will safeguard you from any disease. However, at present, what you can do is add nutrient-rich immunity booster foods to your daily diet to make your body strong and safe against falling victim to this deadly virus.

Get to know about 5 food items that will help boost your immune system during this pandemic. Make sure you go through this write-up thoroughly. Have an informational read ahead.

Why Do You Need To Boost Your Immune System?

Your immune system includes organs, cells, tissues, and proteins that carry bodily processes to fight against bacteria, viruses, and disease-causing germs. You need to have a strong immune system for overall good health and well-being. Unfortunately, the age factor, medical conditions, and their treatments can weaken the immune system.

Senior citizens have a lesser immune system and are more prone to risks. The younger generation might develop mild symptoms. Apart from just bettering your immune system, one can also include yoga and pranayam in their daily schedule to live a long and healthy life.

5 Food Items To Boost Your Immunity

A Healthy Turmeric Drink

Turmeric, also known as Haldi, is an effective immunity booster food. It contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the presence of ‘curcumin’ in turmeric helps to heal wounds and infections. During early times, people used to rely on turmeric to heal any type of physical wound. 

Don’t have turmeric mixed with water. Instead, add it to milk and boil it. Then, drink the healthy turmeric milk before going to bed to wipe off all the anti-oxidants from your body. You can also try adding coconut oil and black pepper.

Have Ginger With Honey

Ginger contains several anti-viral elements. However, you must consume it with fennel and honey to boost your immune system. In addition, the presence of antimicrobial properties in honey makes it beneficial for healing purposes. Ginger, along with honey, helps to fight against deadly bacterias and viruses. 

Ginger and honey tea are perfect for nausea treatment and morning sickness. You can have this tea on an empty stomach early morning. Apart from boosting your immunity, ginger helps in weight loss, lowers blood sugar levels, treats chronic indigestion, and helps against osteoarthritis.

Include All Types Of Vitamins

Make sure you include all types of vitamins in your diet. Among the other vitamins, the vitamin C and D play a vital role in bettering one’s immunity. Vitamins are in citrus fruits like lemon, amla, orange, etc, and also in vegetables.

Make a habit of eating salad every day. In addition, include vegetables, egg yolk, mushrooms in your food menu since these are a good source of vitamin D. As per recent reports, people infected with the Covid-19 virus are given Vitamin C via Intravenous therapy. Try drinking fresh amla juice every day to energize yourself.

Resort To Natural Anti-Virus Foods

You must resort to natural anti-virus foods that protect us against viruses and seasonal flu. These food items include tulsi leaves, star anise, and garlic. Eating these will flush out all the toxins from your body. We all know that tulsi is a medicinal plant and will contain such properties. You can make a tulsi drink just by boiling two to three leaves in water.

Try boiling two to three pieces of star anise in boiling water and drink it warm. You can also make use of garlic. Take one clove of garlic, mash it and leave it exposed to air for about 5 minutes. Garlic’s exposure to air activates a potent medicinal property called allicin that is highly beneficial for the immune system.

A Zinc Based Diet

Zinc plays a vital role in boosting your immune system. You will see many people are following a zinc-based diet amidst the pandemic to stay healthy and strong. Along with this, zinc also helps in great body metabolism.

You can either take zinc supplements or incorporate it into your diet via cashews, pumpkin seeds, chickpeas, and many others. Zinc also helps in healing wounds and improves your sense of taste and smell.

Final Thoughts

We have reached the conclusion part of this blog. So make sure to include these immunity-boosting food items mentioned above in your diet to remain healthy amidst this pandemic. Such a diet will safeguard you against any virus, infection, or disease. Apart from all these, ensure that you maintain social distancing, frequently sanitize your hands, and wear a mask whenever you go outside.

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