Here’s How You Can Celebrate Durga Puja 2022 in Kolkata

Durga Puja 2022

Right at the cusp of cold months, when the wintry chill is just a couple of months apart, and the scorching heat of summer has started to wither away slowly, the City of Joy throbs with joy and anticipation.

After all, it’s that special time of the year when the air is filled out with the mild fragrance of Shiuli, the city bathes in illuminating lighting, and the rhythmic sound of dhaak heralds the triumphant arrival of our beloved Durga maa! In Kolkata, Durga puja is not just a mere celebration; it’s an emotion that tugs at the heartstring of everyone, regardless of their class, caste or status.

Durga puja 2022 is going to be special! Last two years – 2020 and 2021 – we ended up being confined in the four walls, thanks to the deadly Coronavirus and its resultant pandemic! This year, the situation has gotten a lot better. Most of the Covid related restrictions are loosening up. The ingenious-themed pandals have already started making a buzz.

So, what’s your plan for this Durga puja? Pandal hopping with friends? Eating out at restaurants? Watching a movie? Or, just simply taking a stroll at every nook and cranny of the city with a bike on rent in Kolkata? If you’re yet to come up with a solid plan, consider giving our blog a read. We are sharing a detailed account of everything that you can indulge in this Puja, and make it a memorable celebration for a lifetime.

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Places to Visit for Pandal Hopping

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of hopping from one pandal to another, squeezing their way through some incredibly huge crowds! If you’re okay with walking long stretches with your feet being trodded upon or pushing up against a huge throng of people in long queues, pandal hopping is meant for you.

Before we present to you a list of Kolkata’s unmissable pandals this year, let us share with you some important tips to keep you away from the major woes of pandal hopping –

  • Don comfy clothes to beat the heat and humidity
  • Wear cushiony-soft footwears to protect your feet and walk around with ease
  • Eat something at any popular restaurants in Kolkata before you enter a pandal
  • Carry water bottle, umbrella, pain-reliver spray, band-aid, etc.

As we’re done sharing our safety checklist, allow us now to shine a light on some of the best pandals of Kolkata that you simply can’t miss out on this year –

1. Shreebhumi

This year, Shreebhumi has been declared as the star attraction of Kolkata, courtesy the highly anticipated ‘Vatican City’ themed pandal! To enjoy a slice of Italy on the bosom of Kolkata, ensure that you head to Lake Town to visit Shreebhumi. 2022 is incredibly special for Shreebhumi as it celebrating Golden Jubilee this year.

2. Ahiritola Sarbojanin

Another star attraction of the City of Joy will be Ahiritola Sarbojanin Durgotsab in 2022.  This year, the theme of its pandal is ‘Akashbani.’ To enable this generation kids to understand and value the importance of the timeless music instruments of the bygone era such as radio, gramophone, cassettes, harmonium, etc., Ahiritola has come up with this thought-provoking theme this year.

3. Chetal Agrani

Located in South Kolkata, the iconic pandals of Chetla Agrani is a must-visit this year. Keeping up with their years-long legacy, this club has chosen to represent a beautiful theme of ’16 Kola’ this year.

4. Deshapriya Park

Pandal hopping in Kolkata is next to impossible without paying a visit to Deshapriya Park. Coming up with one of the biggest theme pujas in the past few years, Deshapriya Park holds a special place in the hearts of Calcuttans. This year, it has chosen the theme of “Rajbari.” Visit Deshapriya Park to witness an exquisite piece of work that spells creativity at its peak!

5. Santosh Mitra Square

This year, we have revelled in the celebration of ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’ on account of the 75 years of independence. This theme has been chosen by Santosh Mitra Square as the Durga Puja pandal theme of 2022. The Lemon Floor Park would be showcasing our country’s famous historical establishments i.e. Red Fort, India Gate, Parliament Of India, etc.

If you’re not strapped for time or energy, you may also pay visit to some other renowned pandals including Ekdalia Evergreen club, Mudiali club, Naktala Udayan Sangha, Suruchi Sangha, etc.

Bask in the Celebration of Heritage House Pujo

The celebration of the biggest festive carnival of Bengal (read Durga puja) is a tad different at the houses of famous wealthy landlords of Kolkata. These wealthy lords or zamindars have been treasuring the rich cultural heritage of Durga puja for eons. If you’re not big into pandal hopping, you may consider witnessing the famous Banedi bari pujas in the year of 2022.

Here’s a round-up of Kolkata’s best of heritage family puja celebrations that are simply unmissable –

1. Sovabazar Raj Bari

Did you know, the world-famous Durga puja of Sovabazar is almost 250 years old? In this heritage house, Puja is celebrated with utmost gusto. Apart from the pomp and grandeur, it’s the sumptuous “Mithaai Bhog,” which remains as the star attraction of this celebration. All the age-old rituals and customs of puja have been kept 100% intact. Still today, these are followed with a lot of dedication and belief.

2. Burrabazar Mallick Bari

Barun Mallick of the “Burrabazar Mallick bari” is all set to celebrate 167th year of Durga puja this year. On average around 400-500 devotees visit this place to revel in celebration and have Bhog.

3. Mallick Bari

While another famous Mallick Bari Pujo is going to revel in the 98th year of celebration in 2022. The bhog is one of the star attractions of this puja. You can pay a visit to this famous puja celebration if you’re looking for an experience to remember forever!

Have A Great Puja Ahead

Apart from these aforementioned heritage houses, you can also visit Jorasakho Daw Bari, Baghbazar Haldar Bari, Chatu Babu Latu Babu Family’s Durga Puja, and the likes. In case, you’re not from Kolkata but looking to visit the city to experience this ostentatious celebration, you must put up at any of the luxury or reasonable hotels in Kolkata for an interim stay.


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