Latest Bridal Jewelry Trends of 2022

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Due to the crisis, everybody had to stay locked inside their home for the last two years. Many individuals and families all around the country had to postpone their plans. These plans also included weddings. As 2022 arrived, the overall scenario eased down a lot, and one can very well choose to visit a jewelry showroom in Kolkata and prepare for her long-awaited wedding.

No matter how much times change, the essential process of preparing for a wedding has remained the same for a long time and will stay that way in the future. In these preparations, purchasing jewelry is a crucial part. A wedding is a one-time event, so everybody wants it to be as perfect as possible. Clothes and Jewelry need to be just right.

This article will help you get informed in detail about the current bridal jewelry trends so that you do not feel lost when you visit a shop. These trends will help you turn yourself into a bride who is modern and ethnic at the same time. Let’s jump in!

Jewelry Trends Which Help You Stand Apart 

When you are finally getting married, one thing you must have in your mind is that you want to look different from all the brides you have come across in the past. The following trends will help you choose the right pieces of jewelry for your wedding.

  • Jewelry with a Vintage Design

Even though the term vintage refers to designs that have been there for decades, it is that one trend that never goes out of style. They are magnificent pieces of jewelry, which, if matched well with the dress, will completely change the impression a bride is going to have upon the guests. Be it a necklace, rings, bangles, or maang tikka. Your overall look will be enriched with an intricacy of culture through vintage pieces.

  • Nose Rings

This particular accessory does not hold as much popularity as it should. Often, brides in the past have decided not to wear one. Times have changed though, today, when a bride-to-be visits the best gold jewelry shop in Kolkata, she tends to buy one of these.

This particular change in taste has made nose rings an essential part of the current bridal jewelry trend. Make sure, however, that you buy one with a minimal design. A pearl-studded nose ring can be a fabulous choice.

  • Emerald-Studded Chokers

Emerald is referred to as the royal stone, and when better to wear it than on one of the most important days of your life! It will make you look classy and stylish at the same time. This trend is followed comparatively more in the urban areas of the world. Wearing emeralds is also a common practice for women at parties or festivities.

These beautiful stones have been in the spotlight for years, and in 2022, this trend has not undergone any changes. Be it exquisite chalk emerald or Mughal emerald. Neither falls short in creating a lasting impression.

  • The Pastel Tone

This trend is relatively newer but is most likely here to stay. A woman wearing a pastel necklace or an earring is complimented for boasting a subtle look. This particular style is believed to be bold as it is far off from the typical and stereotypical jewelry designs. The lighter hue of these jewelry pieces has made them even more attractive for young brides.

  • Layered Jewelry

Layered pieces of jewelry have been around for a large number of years. Even though expected, its popularity has been right up at the top for decades. Regal multi-layer necklace sets have been a popular choice among brides who want to look as elegant and fancy at their wedding as possible.

A multi-layered gold and diamond necklace is a standard option, but you can very well choose to shake things a bit by going for a pearl necklace. Even if you decide to visit the best diamond jewelers in Kolkata, you can get your hands on a beautiful gold and diamond necklace.

  • Gold Coin Choker

This trend is relatively new. This trend is generally followed by south Indian brides who want to wear traditional jewelry. The popularity of this trend has increased a lot recently, as women from other cities in India started exploring it. As demand and sales grew, more and more people became interested in them.

Dress Your Best at Your Wedding

Your wedding is undoubtedly one of those days that you will remember. This is when you begin a whole new part of your life. Spend time and effort in planning your wedding and do everything you need to make it perfect.

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