Monsoon Calling! Pack Your Bag to Travel These 5 Hotspots Near Kolkata

Traveling Places Near Kolkata

Monsoon never fails to captivate! And, when it comes to embarking on an escapade – away from home, to a land of unknowns, packed in with hitherto unexplored natural wealth – during a downpour, things become even more exciting!  Whether you’re planning to travel to a place miles away from your city or a place not-so-far-away, it’s advisable that you should travel by road. There are plenty of companies offering four-wheeler or bike rent in Kolkata.

Conduct thorough research about such companies, check out their websites, customer feedback, etc. Based on such details, choose a reputed company to rent a bike or a car to ace your dream-monsoon-road trip.

Monsoons and Road Trips – Secret to a Romantic Escapade!

Remember the famous adage that says, “a journey is more beautiful than a destination?” To understand the true significance of this phrase, you must hit the road, at least once in your lifetime. While riding a serpentine road, each bend filled with some breath-taking views ought to shake up your perceptions of traveling! And, things become even more surreal when the sky opens up.

Flickers of raindrops drenching your face as you ride along the rain-soaked slopes, the palpable wetness of the air enveloping you, and a foggy breeze tugging against your hair – your mind must conjure up this image as you think of a road trip amidst rain! Monsoon is the most ideal time of the year to enjoy a road trip to the fullest.

The travel terrain of our country is incredibly versatile. If you’re seeking info on the travel hot spots near Kolkata to channelize your inner wanderlust this monsoon, then read on!

5 Destinations to Top Your Monsoon Travel Bucket List

1. Mandarmani Beach

If you’re a beach bum, and you’re looking for a destination near Kolkata, ensure that you explore the charming beach of Mandarmani. Only 170 km away from the City of Joy, Mandarmani is considered as the longest stretch of sea beaches in India. The inexplicable beauty of this serene beach-town goes a few notches up during the rainy season.

Sit on the sea coast, listen to the symphony of the murmuring sea waves, drench your face in drizzling droplets, and feel a blissful silence – Let Mandarmani cast a spell on you. Although, there are only a handful of adventure-packed activities you can do in this pristine destination, away from all the hustles and bustles of Kolkata.

2. Mukutmanipur

Mainly popular for the Mukutmanipur Dam, the quaint coastal town of Mukutmanipur is perfect for a relaxing monsoon getaway. Wrapped by lush vegetation in the rainy season, Mukutmanipur becomes a picnic hotspot for thousands of travelers hailing from every part of West Bengal.

This beautiful Dam stretches out on almost 11km. And, it has a deer park where you can head to visit seasonal birds, spotted deer, and more. If you love trekking, consider paying a visit to Parshwanath Hill.

3. Maithan

Known as the “Kashmir of Koyalanchal,” Maithan has sprung up its territory around the Maithan Dam. This reservoir is considered the largest dam of Damodar Valley Corporation.

Enveloped by lofty hills and adorned by azure blue water, this stunning reservoir is nothing short of a breather for beauty-seeking travelers. Some of the most popular travel attractions near this place include Chammack Pahar, Kalyaneeshwari Temple, etc.

4. Shantiniketan

You know you’re in Shantiniketan as you watch the green palms nodding their heads to the precariously hanging grey clouds, the brick-red earth lapping up the monsoon drizzles, and the long-stretched furrows merging with little streams.

This beautiful abode is filled with natural wealth. And, at the same time, there is no dearth of high-end accommodations in the hotels and home stays. While vacating in Shantiniketan during the monsoon, don’t forget to visit the museum complex at the university township. If the local folk-artifacts interest you, consider visiting the local craft shops.

5. Chandipur

Chandipur lies about 260 km away from the City of Joy. Located in Baleswar, Odisha, Chandipur never fails to draw in a large flock of tourists every year. This quiet and quaint beach is famous for its ebb tide, which occurs twice a day. And, it exposes an incredibly wide stretch of sparkling silver sand. It is indeed a stunning sight to behold.

Bonjour! Have a Safe Journey

You cannot travel the faraway destinations every day. But you can visit any of these aforementioned spots any time of the year. During monsoon, as the summer-heat bids adieu, and the sky starts downpouring, traveling becomes a lot more pleasurable experience.

So, what are you still waiting for? Start packing your bag. Call out your friends to plan out a trip. And, start out for an unforgettable rainy getaway to make this monsoon more memorable and special. To ensure that you enjoy a safe road journey, don’t forget to rent a vehicle or a bike from a well-reputed car rental company in Kolkata.

Happy journey!

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