Picture-Perfect Places of Kolkata for Your Wedding Photoshoot

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What makes a wedding “memorable” apart from just being special? If we asked this question to the millennial couples, it’s probably the wedding photographs which would be ubiquitous.

After many years of your marriage, it’s your wedding album, through which, you can take a stroll down the memory lane to recall all those ‘awsome’ moments that had got your heart swelled with happiness in abundance.

You may skimp on menu, venue, décor or several other departments to cut your expenses, but make sure that you hire the best candid wedding photographer in Kolkata to make the golden memories last a lifetime.

To make your wedding photographs or videos stand out, you should lay emphasis on choosing the right backdrop. No matter how garish or gorgeous your venue décor looks, you should not hold back from staying a step ahead of the game especially if budget is no issue, and you want your D-day album to be uniquely off-beat.

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the most stunning places of Kolkata which will prove to be perfect for your wedding photoshoot. Wrapped in lush nature, these idyllic destinations are away from the hustles and bustles, and perfect for a fuss-free photoshoot.

Have a look –

Prinsep Ghat

One of the most popular destinations of the City of Joy, Prinsep Ghat was built in the year 1841 along the river of Hooghly. This ghat is an ideal spot for hanging out, sitting by the riverbank, and soaking up the beauty of nature.

There is a Palladian porch on the ghat, which could be used for shooting your wedding photographs. Vidyasagar Setu is another spot where you can get your marriage snaps shot.

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is a beautiful spot for every nature lover. Spanning an area of about 273 acres, this spot is alandscaped garden where you can shoot and freeze your memorable moments with your partner.

Wrapped in lush nature, Botanical Garden is mainly popular for its astounding orchids, multicolor flowers, and “Great Banyan tree,” which will add beauty to your D-day photographs.

Mallick Ghat

One of the most popular flower markets of India is Mallick Ghat Flower Market. This wonderful place is known mainly for colours, smells, sights, and more. There is nothing more special than getting your pre-wedding photographs filled out with romantic nuances wrapped by vivid flowers.

Your photos will be beautified by the presence of beautiful flowers. Mornings look stunning at Mallick Ghat Flower Market. The warm glow of the Sun will add your snaps a luminous glow.

Victoria Memorial

The exhibition of the stunning colonial British architecture of Victoria Memorial will leave you awe-struck! The overall aesthetic of the spot is further beautified by the concoction of Indian, European, and Persian architecture.

A highly popular destination for married couples can provide you with some ambient snaps for you to celebrate forever. You might consider Shakespearean literature theme and get your pre-marriage snaps shot at this destination as well!

Bow Barracks

Freezing your pre-marital memories at an imperial location will create magical moments, which would be cherished forever. Bow Barracks is a beautiful spot. Bow Barracks exuding the vibes of the yesterdays, with old lanes and vintage buildings will take your heart back straight to the Colonial era.

The red-walled historical European buildings would add a vintage aura to your wedding snaps. In a nutshell, this place is simply stunning, and ideal for wedding photoshoot.

Choose the Best Spot for Wedding Snaps!

Whatever your D-day style –large-scale, intimate, offbeat, elopement – the above-mentioned places are ideal to freeze your wedding snaps. So, what are you still waiting for? Take your pick from these destinations and turn your D-day into a beautiful trip of a lifetime.

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