SSC CGL 2022: Get Exam Tips, Preferred Books Here

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According to the officials, the SSC CGL test date for Tier 1 was April 2022. This post will offer everything about SSC CGL 2022. It will assist you in developing a strategy that will give you the impetus you need to ace the test. 

Every year, the SSC CGL test is held to hire students for various Grade 'B' and 'C' jobs in several departments and ministries of the Government of India. The government provides the SSC CGL exam pattern and curriculum in an official notice 

2022 SSC CGL Selection Process 

The SSC CGL selection procedure is divided into four sections. As a result, the SSC CGL Tier I preparation method changes depending on the level.  

To proceed with the plan, candidates must be informed of the themes and the level of complexity of the questions. For the time being, let us look at the SSC CGL selection procedure before moving on to the SSC CGL Preparation Strategy.  

Candidates will have to go through four distinct Tiers in the SSC CGL selection process: 

  • Tier I: MCQ-based computer-based written exam 
  • Tier II: MCQ-based computer-based written exam 
  • Tier III: Written examination (descriptive examination/essay writing). 
  • Tier IV: Computer Proficiency Test (CPT)/Data Entry Test (DET) and document verification. 

Candidates are chosen based on their total performance in Tiers I, II, and III. Tier-IV is a qualifying level. 

How to Prepare for the Examination? 

1. Understand the Exam Pattern 

Your SSC CGL syllabus is divided into four divisions and covers many topics. Before managing your time in the test, you must organize your daily time between these four subjects to cover every topic and answer as many questions as possible. 

2. Practice Fundamentals 

Don't search for shortcuts at the start of your preparation. Attempt to understand the fundamentals of all areas and develop in-depth expertise. Once you've mastered these concepts, you can move on to shortcuts or methods for speedy computations. 

3. Memorize the Techniques 

Quantitative Aptitude is a topic that consumes most of your time since you must compute. There are numerous shortcuts for answering these questions. Learn these time-saving tips. 

4. If Unsure, Don’t Attempt 

Do not respond to a question based on your best estimate. It is the worst technique someone could employ. If you are unsure about the solution, save it for later. Don't respond. 

5. Maintain Precision 

It takes time and practice. Aside from time management, you must verify that the amount of questions you answer is proper. In your test, there is a guideline about negative marking: Do not lose half a mark if you cannot score one. 

6. Prioritize Subject 

This is one of the primary factors that distinguish your performance from others. Hold on to the topics you aren't so excellent at, or that grab your interest the most. The tale concludes with constancy in answering maximum questions, revisiting themes, and repeating practice with Daily Quizzes, Mock Tests, Online Test Series, and Practice Sets. 

7. Take Mock Exams 

Many students are shocked to discover that they have forgotten the speed abilities necessary to answer maximum questions in the shortest time while taking Mock Tests or the real exam. 

8. Other Tips: 

  • Maintain a well-organized study schedule. 
  • Have an appropriate assortment of SSC CGL books and study materials. 
  • Take as many SSC CGL mock tests and sample papers as possible to ensure optimal correctness and speed throughout the exam. 
  • One of the best practices is to be enrolled with the best SSC coaching in Kolkata. They have expertise in helping aspirants crack the examination. 

Books to Consider for SSC CGL 2022 

Competitive General English: Kiran Prakashan 

Quantitative Aptitude: RS Agarwal 

Maths: NCERT 6-10 

Logical Reasoning: Arun Sharma 

General Knowledge: Lucent Publication 

What are the Exam Venue Guidelines? 

  • Rings, bracelets, earrings, chains, nose pins, pendants, badges, brooch, hairpins, and full-sleeved clothing are not permitted. 
  • Water bottles must be clear. 
  • Bring the "downloaded entry card and proforma," with you. 
  • Candidates will be given a pen or pencil in the test hall. 
  • Electronic gadgets are not accepted in the exam room. 
  • In the exam room, only basic analog timepieces are permitted.
  • There are no eatables or beverages permitted in the exam room. 
  • You will be rejected from the exam if you are caught using unfair means during the exam. 
  • No books, notepads, registers, or periodicals are permitted in the test hall. 
  • Even if the exam is ended or completed from your side, students must sit in the exam hall for the full exam hours. 

In Conclusion 

Enter the test room with full SSC CGL Exam Preparation, confidence, and a practical approach. Decide how you will approach the questions and which part you will use.  

Proper planning is essential for performing well on the SSC CGL test. We hope that applicants found this information informative and interesting. Candidates may now begin preparing for any competitive test. 

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