The Most Comprehensive Wedding Planning Checklist

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Without question, your marriage ceremony is the most important and cherished day of your life. The gentleman of your heart has proposed, placed a ring on it, and now it is time to begin wedding preparations!

When arranging your perfect wedding, the list might seem daunting. When planning your wedding, you must keep track of various crucial aspects.

While you may have assistance from the best wedding planner in Kolkata, with this definitive wedding agenda, you can ensure that you check off each item as you prepare to make your day perfect. So, let's get started!

Your Ultimate Wedding Checklist and Calendar

12 Months to go

  1. Set Your Budget

It's time to do the arithmetic and crunch some unappealing figures. Before you begin, you must identify who will pay for what and the overall budget for your wedding.

11 Months to go

  1. Deciding a Wedding Location

Because having an opulent wedding has become such a frequent phenomenon, there is almost no chance of securing the ideal venue because most wedding venues are booked months in advance.

10 Months to go

  1. Engage a Wedding Planner

While most of us like organizing our weddings, some prefer to sit back and relax. In the latter scenario, it's preferable to employ a professional wedding planner who can handle the wedding checklist and organize everything to your liking and needs.

9 Months to go

  1. Contact Photographers and Videographers

Make sure you've decided whether you want theme photography, candid photography, or the old-school approach and that you've booked the filmmakers and the best wedding photographers in Kolkata as soon as possible.

8 Months to go

  1. Hire Caterers

Consider the style of wedding meal you want - if you don't want anything traditional, consider a BBQ, hog roast, or a selection of sharing dishes - and proceed from there. The top 10 caterers in Kolkata can fill your menu with amazing deals; consider one from there.

7 Months to go

  1. The Wedding Dress

This is the most thrilling and time-consuming activity on your wedding to-do list. It takes time, but it is only worthwhile if you wear what you have always wanted on your wedding day! Wedding dress on rent in Kolkata can be considered for more options.

6 Months to go

  1. The Guest List and Cards

This is the fun part: it's time to send your save the dates to your wedding guests! Save the dates should include your wedding date and if visitors may expect a wedding invitation.

5 Months to go

  1. Check the Transportation

You must get to where you need to be on your wedding day, so plan your transportation well in advance to ensure you have the greatest alternatives for your wedding.

4 Months to go

  1. Reserve the Florist

Do you want a florist that only sells flowers or wedding flower decorators in Kolkata who can manage flowers, lighting, and décor? Select flowers that are in season. If certain flowers are important to you, schedule your wedding around their availability.

3 Months to go

  1. Plan Your Honeymoon

Here's a ray of sunshine in your wedding-planning journey: It's time to start planning your honeymoon! Where would you want to go?

2 Months to go

  1. Make an Appointment with Your Makeup Artists

Some brides hire their artists a year in advance, but now is the time to choose and book one if you've been putting it off. As with any wedding provider, online research reviews and compares prices to select one that fits your budget.

1 Month to go

  1. Prepare & Organize

Your ceremony should be completed by now, but minor matters must still be addressed. Check your state's laws and obtain your marriage license. You will only be considered official if you have it!

Checklist for the Big Day!
  • Give your parents' presents to the best man/bridesmaid after the vows.
  • Flowers should be presented where the bride is getting dressed.
  • Give the best man the wedding bands to wear during the ceremony.
  • For concerns or difficulties during the reception, introduce your reception coordinator to your wedding planner or bridesmaid/best man.
  • Appoint a family member to be the photographer's point of contact.

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