Things to Keep in Mind While Planning Your Christian Wedding

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Finally, the wedding is around the corner! And, the weather is also gradually transitioning with the mercury taking a dip and the winds getting a bit chilly. However, the entire rigmarole of ideating, planning, and preparing a wedding could bowl you over. Planning a wedding isn’t an easy deal – especially if it’s a Christian wedding. Thanks to the experienced Christian wedding planners in Kolkata, you can bring your dream marriage to fruition.

However, for Christians, a marriage celebration is way beyond glam and grandeur, pomp and show! Just like any other wedding celebrations, a Christian wedding, too, revolves around a number of customs and rituals. It’s their faith in the Almighty and their commitment to God, which plays a crucial role in setting the intention and legitimacy of their sacred union.

The significance of a wedding ceremony is solidified by a Church for sanctifying and giving legitimacy to the overall intention of wedding as earlier there was no any other way to ensure that a couple is married. This tradition and faith are instrumental in structuring a Christian marriage. However, the overall planning and preparation might seem a bit overwhelming for getting everything accurate without having to miss out on anything crucial.

As mentioned earlier, with the help of affordable wedding planners in Kolkata, you can easily plan out your dream Christian marriage. However, followings are some tips and tricks, which you should take into a consideration to plan your Christian wedding with perfection.

Take a look –

  1. Determine What’s Important

First thing first – set your budget! Unless you are okay shelling out big bucks on your wedding preparation, you should always take out those extra time to decide what is important to you –your dream or a pragmatic approach to arrange everything. If need be, involve a professional event organizer in the whole discussion process to sort things out with ease.

  1. Pick a Perfect Venue

The next major task is to decide on the venue. If you’re not strapped for a budget, it’s advisable that you should pick a sprawling venue that offers premium accommodations and top-notch facilities. After all, it’s the venue that your guests would remember (besides food though!) forever.  To perk up the ambiance, you must deck up every nook and cranny of the venue. Hire the best wedding flower decorators in Kolkata if you want the venue to adorn a floral decor.

  1. Decide the Menu

After venue, comes the menu! Not kidding. Most of the guests remain excited more about the menu of a wedding celebration. When deciding the menu, take your non-Christian guests into a serious consideration. Be a little careful while picking the non-veg items especially. It’s suggested that besides items like Pork, etc., you must include chicken/mutton/fish. This way, you can make the menu a lot more inclusive.

  1. Focus on Your Marriage

The excitement of planning a celebration like marriage from scratch is exciting! With every passing day is coming up some new trends. And, it’s very easy to get swayed by such trends. No matter how excited you are about wedding, you should always remember one fact – your marriage celebration is just about day. Your life afterwards is more important. Hence, it’s advisable that you should think thousand times before making any huge investments for your D-day celebration.

  1. Some Other Facts to Tick off

A few other things that you must take into a consideration are your attire, your makeup, your jewellery, and the likes. To ensure that every special moment of your marriage celebration is captured forever, you must hire the best photographers and videographers in Kolkata. If you are looking for a destination wedding, you should start saving up instead of spending your money on any other unnecessary stuffs.

Happy Wedding!

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