Wedding Fashion Trends to Hold the Popularity Ground in 2022

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When it comes to a grand wedding celebration in India, just a single ensemble is never enough, especially if you’re going to be a bride. After all, every eye would be on you, and most rightly so! You’re going to be the “princess” of the hour, and you deserve every bit of attention. Your choice of attires for every function or ritual must reflect your personality, regardless of whether you’re a “drama queen” or a “girl-next-door” kind of a bride. Whether you’re looking to get an exclusive sari, gown or bridal lehenga on rent in Kolkata, you should always take the weather into a serious consideration while choosing your outfit.

Most of the would-be brides make the error of jumping straight into envisioning the ensemble they want to don on their D-day. It entails months of ideating, brainstorming and frantically scrolling through the web to finalize on a perfect ensemble.

Amidst this rigmarole, you might end up feeling drained out. If you happen to be in pickle of this sort, we have brought to you a list of wedding wear trends that are expected to hold the popularity ground in 2022. Have a look –

  • Ladies, Don’t Compromise on Comfort!

It’s your wedding day – which is practically the biggest day in your life! Needless to say, you would like to look like a million bucks, sporting a stunning ensemble, being clad in beautiful jewelleries. But, if you’re vouching for a summer marriage, you should pick your outfit a bit wisely. To be able to fight the extreme heat and humid weather, you should always lean towards comfortable attires.

According to the ace fashion designers of the country, it’s the flowing and breathable fabrics that are creating a huge stir during the hotter months. Even if you are keen to wear a heavily-embellished lehenga or a gorgeous sari, you should not give in to the temptation of picking something which is not at all meant to spell comfort. Choose something bright yet light-weighted. Fabrics like organza, silk, satin, etc. are perfect for summer wear.

  • Go Floral to Exude a Fresh Summary Vibe

A stunning wedding outfit – be it a sari, a gown or a lehenga – with beautiful floral prints is complimentary for spring. The floral prints are like a hymn and harbinger to the nature’s awakening. Also, a bunch of flowers on a marriage outfit symbolizes the serenity and delicacy of nature. A floral-printed outfit should top your priority list if you’re looking for a romantic nuptial.

Hence, you should make it a staple at your D-day wardrobe. Florals are timeless designs, and there are aplenty of patterns to pick from – right from hand-painted patterns to intricately embroidered motifs to block prints and the likes. For an out and out traditional look and feel, you can opt for a lehenga or a sari that’s heavily embroidered with zari or sequin floral work.  

  • Choose the Colour Palette Carefully

Gone are the days when the bridal trousseau used to be considered incomplete without bright hues such as Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Brown, and the likes! Right now, most of the brides-to-be are increasingly leaning toward blush or pastel shades. Shades like champagne, ginger, pistachio, peach, powder blue, dove, lavender, etc. are holding the popularity ground.

Such eye-soothing tones of these sorts will continue to create a buzz in 2022 and even beyond. These subtle hues are extremely feminine yet gorgeous enough to top the aisle-appropriate palettes. The best thing is that brides with any skin tone can pick from this palette. You can be fashion-forward while playing out with any such hue.

According to the fashion designers, the soft and subtle pastel shades serve as a soothing cool breeze during the scorching summer heat. Such soft hues will make it top-favourite amongst the would-be brides and the guests.

If you abhor the idea of trying any traditional pastel shade mentioned above, you may reach out to hues such as softer lilac, washed-out blue, etc. If you’re bold enough to explore something offbeat and unconventional, you may pick the shade of grey. And, who does not know, there are 50 shades when it comes to grey!

  • Make Heads Turn with Your Jewellery

One of the easiest ways to make a statement is simply by accessorizing your D-day look in a way that can actually accentuate your beauty, and brings the best out of you. Choosing the right kind of jewellery pieces becomes extremely crucial if the wedding bells are ringing for you.

Besides the light-weight trendy jewellery, it’s the dainty diamond trinkets that are making all the right noises and drawling a great deal of popularity, especially amongst those, looking to tie the knot during summer.

Such summer-appropriate jewellery pieces not just look extremely regal but also adds a lot of charm quite effortlessly. One thing you should keep in mind that the jewellery pieces you want to buy should complement your D-day outfit.

Make a cursory sketch of what kind of trinkets you want to don on your nuptial before you pick any wedding dress on rent in Kolkata. Ensure that you’re renting ensembles from a reputed and reliable dealer. Then only you will have a multitude of outfit options to rent out from.

Happy Wedding in advance!

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