10 Easy Tips to Throw an Amazing Holi Party

holi party

Holi being the festival of colors is celebrated once a year. This is the festival where you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Starting from lip-smacking food to drinks and themed clothing Holi is something that everyone looks forward to it. You will require party lawns and farmhouses to have your Holi party!

Holi is a typical festival that brings along a positive and party vibe among you and excitement. Starting from water balloons and guns to numerous colors to smear upon one another indeed brings harmony. For some, it is a type of festival that they dread the wild play of colors and for others, it is a festival of closeness among your close ones. Here are some tips that you need to know to throw a fantastic Holi party: -


Suitable Venue Required For The Holi Party

The most important thing about throwing your Holi party is finding a suitable venue for it. This might be very boring at first, but it is also an essential thing to find out as well regarding the venue. If you found out that the venue is lacking, you must make prior appointments with event and venue decoration services to provide you with suitable farmhouses and lawns for the colorful bash.


Don't Forget To Set Up Your Guest List

Another important thing regarding your Holi party is to set up your guest list. It is obvious that one cannot throw a party without its guest list. It will totally depend on you regarding how much people will accommodate your house or lawn.

Do keep a check on your guests regarding last moment cancellations or the addition of anything. You will be able to find numerous events and venue decoration services; just rely on some of the best listing portals such as Google Business, Haarway, Just Dial, etc.


Set Out Your Budget Regarding The Party

Apart from guests and venue, make sure you have set up your budget regarding expenses. You can have a grand party according to your choice and spend immense on it while for some they might stick to a limited budget and enjoy it as well.  Starting from great food, drinks and the company of your close ones you can enjoy your party fully even if it's not grand and posh.

No matter regarding the size your party is you will eventually need a budget to plan out your expenses. After deciding on the budget, you can implement with the plan you have set up so that your guests can enjoy well in your Holi party.


Orchestra And Music Organizers Are Important

Holi is totally incomplete without some music. Starting from catchy music to old retro songs, you can set up your playlist with this type of music and songs that will be needed on that day. You can also add Hollywood and Bollywood music so that the guests can get groovy and be in a full party mood.

No matter what type of music it is, Holi is never complete without music. You can also ask your guests favorite song so that it can be played during the party and this will bring a sort of happiness to the guests as well. Do book your orchestra and music organizers beforehand so that there is no cancellation during the Holi party.


Special Holi Lip-Smacking Food

While enjoying the Holi party, you will need some lip-smacking food that is easy to eat. Try to keep the theme Indian because nobody would want a continental dish that day. Do keep serving finger food throughout the party. You can easily hire catering services that will provide such type of finger foods and so on. You can numerous street food items in your Holi menu such as pani puris, kebabs, kulfis, and so on as they are finger foods and easy to eat as well.


Assorted Holi Drinks To Quench Thirst

As Holi is taking place in the summer, everybody will require chilled drinks that day, starting from chilled Lassi to traditional 'Thandai.' This type of drink will keep your guests cool throughout the day and keep everyone hydrated and refreshed. You can also serve cocktails or mocktails to your guests as this type of drink will keep them cool as well.


Special Holi Games To Play

You will need some entertainment in your party to bring some fun among the guests and keep them amused. There are so many fun games to play so that you can have a great time among your friends and family. You can play games such as musical chairs, singing songs on a particular alphabet, pulling the rope etc. Without games there would not be any sort of amusement in the party.


Make Sure To Dress Along With The Theme

As Holi is termed as the festival of colors, all must wear white during that day. Nobody would want to wear expensive Anarkali or colorful kurtas as it would get spoiled by the colors and so on.  Today you can celebrate it by wearing white floral tunics and a pair of slippers and you can add some light waterproof makeup to look yourself pretty as well.


Colorful Holi Decorations

Holi party without colorful decorations will not give a party vibe to your guests. Instead, it will look gloomy without any decorations or colors at the party. Decorations provide a perfect ambiance too. You can decorate it will paper lanterns of vibrant colors and water-filled balloons to spruce up your entire place. And make sure keep plates of various Holi colors so that your guests won't run out of it while playing. This will also give a colorful vibe to the party as well by seeing numerous colors everywhere.


Special Themed Holi Return Gifts

Before you end your Holi party make sure you provide your guests with some unique Holi-themed return gifts. This will keep them delighted as well. You can give them unique sweets, chocolates, flowers and so on. You can also hand over some dry fruits or decorative items to them as well. Before they leave your party, such small gestures will make them happy and make them come back to your parties again.

Apart from music and gifts, you can also add some special amusing games that will entertain your guests fully.  Face art, special colorful rain dance, archery and so on can be included in the entertainment list as well.


Last But Not The Least

The 'Festival of Colors' or Holi is just around the corner! And you don't want to miss out on the relics and fun of the celebration, right? If you are looking to enjoy this Holi to the fullest, you may consider throwing a fun-filled bash for your friends or family members. If you want the venue to be well decked up with any celebration theme, then consider delegating this responsibility to the best event and venue decorating services near you. There are several free service and business listing portals such as Google Business, Haarway, Just Dial, etc. You can search for the verified and authorized experts at your preferred location.

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